Integrated Reporting and Management Consulting

Smarter-Companies helps companies create measures that matter.

The usefulness of traditional financial measures is increasingly limited by two important trends:

  • Rise of the knowledge economy, with value depending heavily on people, networks, data, processes and designs.
  • Rise in the urgency and importance of social and environmental sustainability

To measure and manage your business, you need an integrated approach that balances financial, knowledge and sustainability strategies.

This kind of holistic approach balances internal and external, short- and long-term, profits and prosperity and enables you to:

  1. Drive profits and performance today in ways that also ensure the value and sustainability of the organization and its ecosystem tomorrow
  2. Provide integrated reporting to your markets to attract the right shareholders, employees, customers and partners

Interested in developing measures that matter? We work directly with companies to create integrated measurement systemsIf you would rather build this competency in your own company, we are also available to train internal and external consultants in the theory and practice of integrated measurement and management.

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