Last week we announced the re-launch of the IC Knowledge Center as Smarter-Companies. We have gotten great feedback and had our membership grow 7% in just nine days. And we are just getting started....

The purpose of our new venture is to help organizations unlock the hidden potential of their people, knowledge and networks. We plan to do this by creating a marketplace of tools for consultants.

To fulfill our purpose we've transformed the knowledge we've gained over the last seven years into a series of tools called ICounts. Our intent is to distribute these tools throughICountants--consulting firms, financial service firms and other professional service firms who are equipped to help companies measure and manage the 80% of corporate value that is intangible. Finally, we will also be creating a Marketplace where other Smart Providers can offer their tools to help consultants build smarter companies.

Today, we wanted to let you know about two immediate opportunities that may be of interest to you:


ICountant Certification Program Beta

Smarter-Companies will be providing the ICountant Certification Program to firms interested in developing your own ICounts consulting offerings to help their clients' firms recognize, quantify and monetize intangible capital.

The Certification Process includes four training modules:

  1. Introduction to IC (which includes the ICounts Index Methodology)
  2. Using the ICounts Inventory Methodology
  3. Using the ICounts Graph Methodology
  4. Building ICounts Consulting Offerings

(see ICounts Training for further details)

The ICountant Certification Program arms a professional services provider with:

  • Designation on the Smarter-Companies site as an ICountant
  • Licensing to use the ICounts brand in your business
  • Access to the on-line ICounts Graph assessment and reporting for a per-use fee
  • Coaching to close your first ICounts consulting engagements.

We are offering a beta certification program to a limited number of qualified consultants at a price that is roughly half of the full price in the public version.  This beta offering will starting in February so if you have any interest or need more information please contact me


Smart Providers Marketplace Beta

Smarter-Companies is building a Smart Providers Marketplace because we believe that one firm cannot provide all the answers companies need to adapt to the Social Era.Smart Providers are firms who have products and services that have an affinity for improving the value and recognition of intangible assets. Think of the Smarter-Companies Marketplace as the Amazon of Smart Providers. The Marketplace will be promoted, marketed and accessible to service providers and to business markets. See our Marketplace description for more information.  

We are creating a Marketplace Beta Program so that we can co-create this market together with key firms that are interested in the concept. We will also be moving quickly with thisso please reach out and let me know if you are interested.


Stay Tuned....

 Smarter-Companies, ICountants and Smart Providers all represent new ways of creating value and helping organizations thrive in the Social Era. The Social Era represents a shift in thinking that emphasizes intangible assets as the means for creating more value than ever before.


We look forward to answering any of your questions and having you involved in creating more value for companies looking for tangible results from intangible assets.

The Smarter-Companies Community will be evolving, changing and improving so visit frequently, contribute regularly and engage with other smart companies. 

 Mary Adams

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