"But what I get with this?" - This is the question which many brazilian managers make about Intellectual Capital or Managerial of intangibles assets...

But what I get with this?
This is the question which many brazilian managers make about Intellectual Capital or Managerial of intangibles assets. How change this? How show for managers the importance of intangible capital? Maybe they not prepard for this new age?

Sorry mistakes in my english
(I´m self taught)

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Your english was fine :)

In my humble opinion most managers, worldwide, have been taught how to manage, or mismanage, the numbers but lack the knowledge to understand what really influenced the numbers most to least.  From one consultant to another the opportunity to lead clients into a new paradigm is significant.

Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The defintion of economics starts with is the social science...  The term social science is commonly used as an umbrella term to refer to anthropology,archaeology, criminology, economics, education, history, linguistics, communication studies, political science, international relations, sociology, human geography, and psychology, and includes elements of other fields as well, such as law, cross-cultural studies, environmental studies, and social work. All of these subject matters represent the systemic elements of an economic system.  You don't have to be an expert on each subject matter of social science to understand the systemic nature of economics. However management does need to understand the systemic nature of economics before they can see and understand economic shifts.

Understanding The Systemic Nature of Economics

The current economy represents a shift away from a manufacturing-based economy and toward a technology-and-innovation driven one. The economics of technology and innovation are influenced more by the intangible assets than the historical tangible assets.  Just as physical assets were used to finance the creation of more physical assets during the industrial age, intangible assets are being used to create  more tangible assets in the new economy.

Note the definition of social science and you will see intangible assets, knowledge.  Intangible assets show up in the financial system in various ways. They are valued—often implicitly, sometimes explicitly—in financial markets by analysts, in stock prices, in ratings by credit agencies and for private lender programs. The majority value of the S&P's index is driven by intangilbe a...

The economics of the current economy are creating tangible results from intangible capital. Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The difference between past economies and that of the current economies is a shift from tangilbe assets to intangible assets and understanding what influences them.

Understanding these shifts provides the insight into the nature of economic value in the global economy. If management doesn't want to take the time to learn, adapt and leverage new value from gaining a stronger understanding of why intangibles are important then they risk loosing the value that has created past results.

 Wagner - Check out our open source ICounts Index: http://www.smarter-companies.com/page/icounts-index. It's a simple way of demonstrating the relative importance of tangibles versus intangibles. It's a rare company that isn't well over 50% intangible. It's also a rare company that can identify and measure that 50%.

That's why we are creating ways for people to create iccounting for this new asset class.

Once someone decides this is important, they should do an ICounts Inventory:http://www.smarter-companies.com/page/icounts-inventory Once a management team sees its own specific intangibles, it makes a lot more sense.

You can't change things or improve them if you can't see them. One of the very first steps for intangibles is to help management teams see them.

Thanks Mrs Mary and Mr. Deragon,
I shall use this references.

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