Do You Know Which Intangibles Are Driving Your Organization's Results?

Today, 80% of the value of the average business is intangible. Corporate intangibles include smart people, good data and processes, trusted networks, effective cultures and sound business models. This intangible capital is the key driver of corporate growth, profitability, valuations and reputation for businesses today. Yet few businesses have a consolidated view of their intangible strength and outlook.

Getting good information about intangible capital is complicated by the fact that every organization has a unique set of intangibles. There’s no single framework or set of metrics that are applicable to everyone. That’s why Smarter-Companies created the ICounts processes—to enable people and teams to identify, measure and optimize their own unique set of intangibles. This paper describes the ICounts™ methodologies and shares a real-life example of a company that sells its own software products as well specialty services to middle market hospitals..

See full report here Do You Know Which Intangibles Are Driving Your Organization's Resul...

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