Many of the tools developed by Smarter-Companies are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. The versions of a tool are available here in the form of downloadable worksheets. In the spirit of sharing, we ask that you contribute your ideas/suggestions for improving these tools by commenting below.  

Open Tools:

IC Index - to determine the degree to which intangibles matter to the success of an organization

        IC Index 1.0 (use to calculate your own index)

IC Inventory/Self Assessment - to model and measure the strength of an organization's intangibles

        Value Creation Worksheet 1.1 (adds planet and instructions)

        Value Creation Worksheet 1.0

IC for IP Self Assessment - to measure the strength of IC associated with IP

       IC for IP Self Assessment 1.0

IC Results Map - to visualize how intangibles are managed to achieve strategic goals and financial results

        IC Monetization Worksheet 1.0

We welcome suggested improvements/changes to our tools. To share your thoughts, just add a comment below. As we see changes that make sense to us, we incorporate them and update the version available above. 

This is still a very informal process and we are a young community. Over time, we hope that this becomes more formal and more active. If you have any ideas for accomplishing this, feel free to share them!

Please note that  while we welcome you to use our tools, ICounts(TM )and Smarter Companies(TM) are proprietary and can only be used under license from Smarter Companies.

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Dear IC professionals, I am happy to share an updated version of ICounts Canvas (version 3). It is based on the feedback we are getting from the market.

Changes include:

  • Rearranged order of Revenues and Costs categories - we have found that it is more intuitive to explain the Canvas (from left to right) with the Revenues category;
  • Improved consistency of colors - the color coding of categories is more consistent with the four colors of IC pillars;
  • Improved alignment of objects and other formatting enhancements.

I hope that you will find these changes useful to your own practices and share your own comments / suggestions how this can be further improved and/or applied in novel ways.

With kind regards,

Mindaugas Cerpickis


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