The following may be a little broad, but my sense is that they apply to IC as much as any other business 'transformation', tangible, intangible and across all functions.

My sense is that any successful transformation needs 5 things;
  • An elevator pitch - can you write the idea on a napkin and explain it in 2 minutes?
  • An objective, scalable 'technology' or 'methodology - subjective, one off things get drowned out
  • The means/ability/incentives to change people's day jobs - surely good evidence of change, no?
  • A business case that shows results in 3 months to 3 years - depending what is appropriate
  • External validation - this might come from shareholders, partners, professional bodies etc.
I've fleshed this out a little in a quick video which also includes some historic examples.

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Thanks Bruce- This is helpful!

Put into your framework, what we are trying to accomplish with this story-gathering project is create a shared elevator pitch for our field. Our technology is the IC framework (human+ relationship + structural capital).

The stories are a way to create evidence of change (maybe even work toward documenting business cases and validation). We all have individual stories. If we can get all those in one place, we create critical mass.

The reason that it makes sense to do this collectively is that many of us continue to work in isolation, fighting the battle of getting past the initial roadblocks to understanding the basics of knowledge era management. If we work together to create critical mass, we will all benefit. We'll be working from a credible, shared foundation.

What do you think?

(I enjoyed the video by the way!)

Bruce- The What Works in IC is now a formal academic study. We would love to have your story in the study.

To do this, just go the What Works in IC and click START SURVEY at the end of the text box.

Haven't chatted in awhile. Hope all is well.

Thanks!  Mary


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