After a hiatus, we are reviving the IC Practioners Group!

The purpose of this group is to create an forum for people in business, government and academia to  become familiar with the diverse kinds of work being done in the field of intellectual and intangible capital.

The IC Practitioners Group has has its roots in a knowledge café at the European Conference on Intellectual Capital held in 2008 at INHolland University of Applied Sciences, Haarlem, The Netherlands. The topic was how to create international momentum for the field of IC Management. The 40 delegates in attendance identified a number of long-term goals:

  • Creation of an international forum for open conversations about the practice of IC management.
  • Definition of the discipline of IC management—and the role of its practitioners
  • Compiling relevant knowledge related to IC management

The work on these goals began through a stand-alone community built by Hong Kong Polytechnic University called the IAICP, the International Association of IC Practitioners. The group included a number of public sector IC programs. In early 2011, this community was moved to the IC Knowledge Center (ICKC) in order to broaden its reach. In early 2013, the ICKC became the Smarter-Companies Community.

As the current caretakers of this community, we at Smarter-Companies fully intend to continue to build a foundation for achieving the long-term goals first laid out in Haarlem. And we thank the original organizers of the IAICP for their work in getting us all started:

Dr. Gordon McConnachie



Prof. Leif Edvinsson



Prof. W.B. Lee


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Hi Mary,


I enjoyed the posted video conversation you had with Jay Deragon and Leif Edvinsson - a great conversation by the way and it highlighted the importance of reconvening the IC Practitioners Group webinars to get the creative juices flowing - I was a little dissappointed to note that the post has received only 30 views which I found surprising re the number in the group missing out on this very interesting dialogue.  Perhaps as the videos or activities are posted, an email reminder may engage more of the group? 


Kind Regards


Good idea Peter.  We're also working to get back to a more interactive format.  It's possible with the Hangouts so we will keep working in that direction.  Mary


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