August, 2012 Distributed IC Management: Effects of Social Media and New Platforms

We had some technical problems and will be re-scheduling this important discussion for the fall.


In the meantime, Phil Barnett's slides are attached and the comment stream is listed below:

Matthew Loxton: Phil are you saying that the responsibility for IIP Management has shifted from the unit that creates it to a corporate team who do it for all units?
Matthew Loxton: I know a lot of KM practitioners have an existential angst over whether they actually have a real occupation ;)
Rick Chapas: Does this knowledge sharing include outside organization in this same open fashion?
Ken Jarboe: Can you say more about the last point -- managing the tension between protecting and sharing?
Matthew Loxton: Phil, do you see operational silos as an obstacle to sharing & collaboration, and if so would you want to change them or are they just part of how things work and maybe a natural phenomenon?
Bill Miller: A lot of new jobs as Chief Innovation Officer even at universities

Xiomi An: Hello, everyone. I will be in UCLA from September 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 as Fulbright scholar. Will keeep in touch with you.

Matthew Loxton: "Mobility of Knowledge" is a nice catchphrase

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