Smarter-Companies Briefs

Recent Briefs:

The U.S. Integrated Reporting Journey
One Journey – Ten Companies – Twelve Questions to Get You Started

The Three Big Ideas Behind Integrated Thinking and Reporting

How to start measuring, managing and communicating about your business in an integrated way

Integrated Value Creation - Part I

Accounting, ESG and the Intangible Information Gap

Integrated Value Creation - Part 2

A Practical Approach to Closing the Intangible Information Gap

Smarter-Companies Value Creation Worksheet

                            A Downloadable Form for Mapping Value Creation Capitals

I-Capex Is the New Capital Expenditure

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Intangible Capital

Integrated Measurement of Intangibles and Sustainability

Holistic Approaches to Measuring and Managing Value Creation

Systems Thinking Using a Multi-Capital Model 

Driving profits and prosperity with integrated reporting and thinking

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