LP-Value Creation Worksheet

Create your own value creation worksheet

An integrated reporting and/or strategy process involves taking a holistic look at how your company creates value for stakeholders and shareholders. One of the basic concepts of this process is the use of a multi-capital model. This free worksheet helps you get started in creating your own model. It includes places for you to:

  • Create an inventory of your company's unique capitals
  • Perform a self-assessment on the strength of your capitals today
  • Identify and/or add key metrics that can be used to track the performance of the capitals going forward.

Having a model of your company's value creation ecosystem will help you:

  • Internally - To drive strategic discussions around growth, alignment and performance
  • Externally - To tell a clear and holistic story to external stakeholders, including financial partners

The worksheet is in a Word table that you can fill in. The form includes simple instructions and suggestions on how to use the table once it's created. We share this under a Creative Commons license in support of the global movement toward integrated thinking, management and reporting.


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