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Why Human Capital Should be a Line Function


What is this logo worth?  And to whom?     


As a bit of background, enterprise value is the total unlevered value of the firm.  If you…


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What Makes Your Company Valuable? Tangible and Intangible Assets

In combination with mapping the value of the entity or benchmarking, an owner must ascertain other aspects of the business that differentiate it from the pool of existing industry participants.

A professional business valuation, conducted by an objective expert, is the vehicle that identifies where a company’s underlying intangible value is lurking to help sellers increase shareholder wealth, as well as obtain a better deal price and identify strategic buyers.

In some cases,…


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Management Accountants Get Intangible Capital!

Over the weekend, I led a session for the NorthEast Regional Council Quarterly Educational Session for IMA, the Institute of Management Accountants.


This was my third talk with an IMA group and it was as fun as the last ones. Unlike CPA’s who end up trying to lecture me on GAAP (they seem to…


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EE = EBITDA: Transforming Human Capital into Financial Capital

Reposted from Jeffrey Deckman's WOW! bytes of wisdom blog powered by WOW! transformations a talent development consulting firm based in Boston, MA. 

EE = EBITDA is an obscure but interesting formula that, once I came to understand it, I…


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What is the Future of IC?

This essay was written for a book to be published later this year in Italy by Smarter-Companies member Andrea Gasperini. We'll share a link to the book when it comes out!

I write this essay as we enter the year 2013. A new year is a popular time for predictions. There’s always risk in trying to make predictions but I welcome the opportunity to sketch…


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Report from the recent OECD-MIT intangibles conference

I was honored to be invited to the intangibles policy conference late last year in DC organized by MIT as part of the on-going project at the OECD. The presentations are now available on line.


One opening note: the OECD has…


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What LinkedIn Endorsements tell us about the future of intangibles measurement

I happened to be talking on the phone today with my son (a collage junior) about letters he needed to get out for summer internships. While we were talking, I received the periodic update email that LinkedIn sends out (yes, I was multi-tasking…).


The headline on the email told me that my son had added a new job to his profile, the internship he completed in…


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Beyond Whack A Mole Social Strategies

Most people view social technologies as a means of marketing. And, while they are indeed a very powerful way to market, there’s a lot more to the what's going on in the Social Era.

For marketers (and managers in general), social technologies create the possibility for two-way conversations with your customers and stakeholders that can’t be duplicated by any traditional, one-way medium. Companies can talk about what’s important to them in a way that is (hopefully) meaningful for their…


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Alone We’re All Blind Men

It happens all the time. I’ll meet someone new and I’ll tell them that I’m interested (OK, some would say obsessed:) with intangible assets. Most people immediately nod their head and agree how important they are. But then, we quickly get into blind man territory.

I’m talking about the poem about the…


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Below the Surface: management lessons from the 10 worst social media mistakes of 2012

As the year wound down, Boston Business Journal published a great list of the 10 worst social media mistakes brands made in 2012.

As I read them, I saw a huge difference between the implications (and lessons to be learned) from these mistakes. In my mind, the mistakes fell into two categories:

Bad Marketing:…


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Where Competition Has Met It's Match

(update; as of November 2012, The Monitor Group headed by Michael E. Porter, the subject of this article, declared bankruptcy ending an era of C-Suite omnipotence strategy thinking.  This article compares competitive strategy to collaborative strategy)


The B-School staple "Porter’s 5 Forces" has been the mainstay of corporate competitive analysis since it’s creation in 1979 by…


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