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The 2015 Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards

The Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards, will be held at the 16th European Conference on Knowledge Management this year on the 3-4th of September at The University of Udine, Italy.

We invite submissions in the form of a brief case history of a Knowledge Management or Intellectual Capital initiative you have been involved in. The case history will include:

  • Introduction to the nature of the Knowledge Management…

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Major reports misunderstand intangible capital and the linkage to innovation and economic growth

Intangible Capital (IC) is misunderstood by the federal government, universities, economists, think tanks in Washington, and other organizations such as The Conference Board. Here’s a new report by the Information Technology  and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) entitled “The Limits of the Knowledge-Based Capital (KBC) Framework” that is unaware of intangible capital frameworks such as described by SmarterCompanies .…


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Chipotle moves to preserve its intangible capital

Chipotle recently announced that it was dropping pork from its menus in many of its restaurants because a key supplier was not raising its livestock according to their standards. It's a…


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IC to Maximize IP Value

Thanks to Oxfirst and Ken Jarboe for an interesting webinar today on Maximizing IP Value.

The short version of our message is that stand-alone IP generally has a much lower value than IP associated with a strong IC ecosystem. You want to build that ecosystem whenever possible. But to really maximize the value, you've got to be able to tell the story about that ecosystem so people have confidence that it's there. The slides are on the home page of the…


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Linkages between capitals.

I came across this interesting discussion on getting the CEO's attention that I think is especially relevant to promoting greater understanding of intangible capital. Every year the Conference Board does a survey of CEOs around the world on what they see as the biggest issues facing them. In this video Bart Van Ark discusses the most recent CEO Challenges survey. The number one issue facing CEOs is human capital. But he makes the point that CEOs are now focused more on the utilization of…


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Upcoming webinar on IP and IC

Mary Adams and I will be hosting a webinar on "Maximizing your IP" for the consulting company Oxfirst. 

Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical strategic asset for corporations. But there are enormous differences in the value of IP stemming from the ecosystem that supports commercialization of the IP. What are the elements of the IP ecosystem? Can they be modeled and measured? The answer is yes. This talk will introduce basic concepts about how to model, measure and maximize the…


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