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IIRC plays an important role in Christine Lagarde’s “hyper-connected world”

 Recent comments released from IIRC in their February 2014 Newsletter

 Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has spoken of, "the breakneck pattern of integration and interconnectedness that defines our time”, bringing with it tensions in economic sustainability and global interconnections. <IR> is an important mechanism for driving the new way of thinking and behaviour needed in the ‘hyper-connected’ world that Lagarde has described. It focuses…


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All the different capitals ‘fire’ innovation. They make innovation combustible.

 What we need is to recognize is the real “nesting effect” from all of our capitals. Each of our capitals performs a particular function and the overhaul make-up of their understanding becomes our eventual code to perform innovation.

Each organizations uses it mix of capitals to accomplish and generate innovation. It is in this mixture of combinations brought together constantly in different ways , this ‘nested effect’ that innovation occurs. The…


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Natural Capital offers a business hub.

I came across this site on Natural Capital- its fresh, getting structured on its position and value proposition and delivering its message 


Also another worth browsing is


Both are trying to create the common understanding, provide open examples of what and how to go about…


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Facebook, WhatsApp and Intangible Capital

It can be hard to understand corporate acquisitions, especially when they are as dramatic as this one.  Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. Like most deals of this kind, it’s hard to…


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MIT's list of the top 50 smartest companies

MIT Technology Review just published their list of the smartest top 50 companies for 2014.

Here's the list.


The criteria for the list is not the typical…


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A useful convergence? Intangible Capital, Sustainability and the IIRC

Over the decade or so that I have been focused on intangible capital, there has been a parallel conversation going on about sustainability. These are two broad fields with many players and approaches but I’ll try to generalize the two (excuse the shorthand versions):

  • Intangible Capital – also known as IC, Intellectual Capital, Innovation Capital, Digital Capital – Focused on the changes in the core operating assets of organizations that have occurred as we move…

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A thought for the day

I was researching different aspects of Innovation, Intellectual Capital and Business Connections over recent weeks.

One comment struck me, it has been with me, nagging away in my brain for these last few days......can you help?

What do you make of this personally?

"The intellectual capital paradigm appears to be stuck at a crossroads of relevance"

Any thoughts, the context is yours, not in what or where I found it

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Great developers have helped us bring our product to market!

A great case study for those of you seeking a development team to move your idea forward!

Case Study

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