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Is The Patent System Still Relevant?

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Amy Vanderbilt for the TrendPOV show.…


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The Myth of the Net Promoter Score

It happened again this week. It’s happening more and more. I call customer service or I buy something and I get the email asking me to fill out a quick survey.


Sometimes there are a number of questions with this one at the bottom. Sometimes it’s just the one question:


How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends and colleagues?


I know why the question is there. There was a Harvard Business Review…


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Introducing The New Capitalism

You don’t need to know Calculus to catch an Apple. Not surprisingly, when I tell people that The Value Game is a multi-agent algorithmic game derived from a 5-order differential equation – their eyes immediately glaze over ... as if I just hit them over the head with an apple.

In Practice, value games are extremely easy to create and once the observer sees how easy it is to envision value games, a whole landscape of opportunity opens up before their eyes in that…


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Hacking The Financial System With Intangibles

Money is the medium by which people store and exchange the value of physical objects – we call them 'tangibles'.  Money does not articulate 'intangible' value very well, except as a proxy for the physical things that people make and exchange for money.   The intangibles community is quick to point out that there is no currency that directly represents intangibles (hence the term 'intangible')....and,  that there should be. 

Actually, there is a currency of…


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My IC learning Journey

Before writing this blog, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my nice supervisor, Prof.Eric Tsui. He took me to Intellectual capital world 1 years before, at that time , I am like a white paper. His encouragement and trust opened a new world for me. During the process of study, he always can use rich knowledge and working experience to help me test some unmature ideas, even some ideas are just imagined. In my journey of learning IC,  his patient and support give me great…


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Case Study For Correcting Market Distortions With Intangibles

The Value Game is a powerful tool for deploying Intangible Capital to distorted, corrupt, or dysfunctional markets.  The following case study describes a current project that our team has won against substantial mainstream competition with a Value Game approach.  This case study is about real money, real projects, real people and real markets where the Value Game converts social capital directly into financial capital and converts…


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It’s an Intangible Capital Revolution

We are living in the middle of an historic revolution that is taking us from an industrial to a social, intangible capital-based economy. This revolution is visible everywhere but one place that I love to watch is in how the intangible capital economy is changing one of the oldest human activities: agriculture.  Here’s some context:


One of the turning points in human history came when men and women figured out how to control production of food. These practices of the…


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Manage Knowledge...or Go to Jail!

Mary suggested I post the full page from my website ( where she got a quote that she recently tweeted.. Here's the quote:

"If senior executives managed their organizations' fixed assets and financial capital the way that they manage their companies' knowledge assets and intellectual capital, they would be fired...and likely sent to jail."

...Larry Chait 2010

and here's the rest of the page:

On average, the value…


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Management is Broken

Most of what we do as managers and most of what is still taught in business schools is a toolset that was perfected in the industrial era for managing factories. It shows people how to manage from the top down and is built on the assumption that the boss has all the answers. Org charts are the prototypical view of the organization under this model.


We all know that the world has changed. That the industrial era is over. That top-down isn’t enough. There are lots of…


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Lessons We Can Learn from the SEC - REALLY!

I have been receiving notices of newly published content from the MIT, Center for Information Systems and Research (CISR). A new report on an apparent turnaround in organizational operation at the SEC caught my eye. Given my roots in knowledge management, promotion of collaborative methods and practices, and Smarter-Companies' focus on intangible capital it seems a natural fit for us to care about what the SEC is doing to safeguard investor assets.

Apparently, in 2009 a new Chairman…


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