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Skunk Works Generators

IC is the domain of the knowledge worker. The knowledge factory is where they work, creating the assemblages of structural capital, relationship capital, human capital and product that Adams and Oleksak discuss.

The knowledge worker is a volunteer, as Ron Baker points out in Mind Over Matter: Why Intellectual Capital is the Chief Source of Wealth ( http://amzn.to/do6Cix ). People voluntarily invest their IC in the…

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The value of intangibles to overcome the systemic crisis

I inform you that we have finally published the Aiaf (Association of Italian Financial Analyst) white paper about the evaluation of the intangible assets and if is your interest to receive a copy you should send an email at the Aiaf secretary to the following email address…


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IC Engineers

In my last posting I briefly mentioned the slightly disturbing notion of programming people in the knowledge factory. Let me first explain why that should not really be…


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The KF and TOC

I’ve just been reading Intangible Capital, by our own Mary Adams and Michael Oleksak. Yes, it’s out and available! In this book they formulate an interesting thought framework that they call the knowledge factory (KF). They visualize the components of this factory as color-coded Lego pieces that represent structural capital,…


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