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SEC's next task: disclosure of hidden loan IP collateral

This morning the SEC unanimously adopted a long delayed rule on transparency of asset-back securities (ABS). Required under the Dodd-Frank Act, the final rule turned out to be less controversial that previously proposed versions. The new rules will require collection and disclosure of certain types of information ("data points") about the underlying asset (i.e. the mortgage). This includes information such as… Continue

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Intangibles and knowledge management

Last week I had the enjoyable privilege of participated in a session at the Digital Government Institute's Government Knowledge Management Conference. The session was a lively discussion among the panelists and audience kicked off with brief opening remarks by the panelists. The full background set of slides upon which my remarks were based are now available on line at…


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OECD video on knowledge-based capital

Here is a new short video from OECD on knowledge-based capital.

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Improving how we use intangibles to boost productivity

Thanks to Paul's recent posting , I am catching up on the McKinsey report on Innovation Matters: Reviving the Growth Engine from June 2013. The report introduces an index of "Innovation Capital" as a combination of "Physical Capital" (i.e. ICT… Continue

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The Case of Market Basket - When the intangibles become tangible

Here in New England, a corporate drama is unfolding that illustrates so many of the core ideas that we hold in the ICounting/IC community.

The drama involves a family-owned supermarket chain called Market Basket. There’s a long story of conflict between two sides of the family: one that controls 51% of the company and the other that controls 49%. The long-time CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is from the minority shareholder group and was forced…


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The growing value of Innovation Capital.

Value of Innovation Capital Recognizing the value of our innovation-related assets is where the ‘smart money’ should go. To gain growth and to improve productivity is through innovation. We need to translate knowledge into new values.

When you pause and consider the make-up of Innovation Capital you realize it makes such an economic contribution and  in a report from McKinsey & Co, they have…


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