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Any experience with Integrated Reporting?

Earlier today Paul posted an item on the experiences of the Generali Group of Italy using Integrated Reporting.  Does anyone else have examples of/ experience with companies who are using the IR format already - as part of the IIRC's pilot? I heard that the framework is mandatory in South Africa - it that correct? It would be especially interesting to see…


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The Italian group The Generali Group discusses the value of Integrated Reporting


The Generali Group, an international insurance company based in Italy, is a pioneer in bringing to life the Integrated Reporting “internally”. Here, Massimo Romano, who leads Generali’s group integrated reporting team, discusses the benefits that they are detecting.

Integrated Reporting helps us in defining a more complete value creation story to be highlighted to our investors, therefore we asked ourselves: why not use the same concept to drive a more…


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Integrated Reporting- The Year End Report 2013


I’ve been working through the report from the IIRC entitled “…


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The Intangible Capital in Coffee

I’ve just started working out of WorkBar in Boston. One of the many cool benefits of working here are the special programs for members.

On Friday there was a talk about coffee given by Equal Exchange (EE) based in Bridgewater MA. As I thought later about the…


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A Sign of Growth!

We had our first big change to one of our open source products this week.

It‘s a change to our ICounts Canvas that was submitted by Mindaugas Cerpickis, an ICountant from TPA/IPR Plaza in Amsterdam. The changes are mostly related to format but they feel really big to us because they increase the understandability and usability of the tool.…


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Major new UK report on intangibles financing - from Intangible Economy

The UK Intellectual Property Office has released its final report on Banking on IP? The role of intellectual property and intangible assets in facilitating business finance. A summary of the findings is also available.

The report provides a comprehensive description of the state-of-play on the role of intangibles in financing in the UK. It…


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Integrated Reporting- getting up to speed

When you have time (and interest) you might like to listen to these different views on Integrated Reporting.

They shorten down the understanding, offer quick value and give you a ‘sense of identification or not!

These are supplied by PwC to support their commitment to this



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Waiting for the next important step in integrated reporting due December 2013

Part two on the momentum within the Integrated Reporting Framework ( )

The next step of a Consultation Draft of the International <IR> Framework

According the website after a successful three months of engagement and the launching the Consultation Draft of the International Framework at events in 10 of the world’s largest…


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We need to shift attitudes and think resonsibly

The first of two posts on the future opportunity we will gain by working with the IIRC initiative. These were triggered by recent comments to me by Kenan Jarboe on this work, so I went to investigated a little further

How do we engage within our own internal organizational communities? How do we communicate our sense of purpose to the outside world? How do we integrate all the activities we are (or should be) undertaking as responsible leaders?…


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Outside-In Measurement

The signs are all around. LinkedIn’s endorsements. Social media wins and losses for companies (did you hear about JP Morgan’s Twitter debacle?). And this …


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What's Happening Out There & How Is Your Business Responding?

The CEO of Rakuten Inc (largest ecommerce site in Japan) Hiroshi Mikitani, recently penned an article titled 'Passive Regression Could Kill Your Business' outlining his view on the value of the learning gained from making what he calls active mistakes. Active mistakes as opposed to passive mistakes!

His definition of a passive mistake is broadly one resulting from omission, caused by not taking action when one should. It reminded me of the Head in The…


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Why ICounting?

For as long as I have been interested in intangible capital, I’ve had this problem. I explain what I mean by intangibles and people immediately frame it within existing constructs. This sometimes leads to the elephant problem. But it also leads to the accounting problem. What I mean is when people like valuation professionals, accountants and finance people (among others) tell me that…


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The movement today is towards narrative formats

How do we capture all the activities that have the potential to generate wealth within organizations?  Most remain hidden as they lie within out knowledge-based capital. So how can we capture and report on ALL our assets, both the tangible and intangibles? Are we being realistic?. Are we chasing after measurements, sometimes in a purists sense?

What do we loss in not becoming part of a balance sheet and becoming part of the strategic statement.…


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Narrative Formats- risks and benefits

Narrative formats have both risk and benefit to report upon.

Investors chase for a better understanding of what is actually going on within organizations. Organizations push back, yet attracting fresh and on-going investment is the life blood, so some form of ‘uneasy dance’ takes place while you have no regulatory guidelines or enforcement.

Information gaps are increasing, sometimes for both the investor and the…


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Advancing our understanding of Knowledge-based capital through the work onf the OECD

Are we advancing our understanding of knowledge-based capital?

The good news today, is we are seeing some advances on capturing and measuring knowledge-based capital. Recently the OECD produced one of its usual 300 page plus reports – so few read them – on “Supporting Investment in Knowledge Capital, Growth and Innovation”…


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Maybe I am preaching to the converted- can we unite around Knowledge -based capital?

Part two of a two part blog

Were you aware that the value of many of the world’s most successful companies resides almost entirely in their KBC. In 2011, for example, physical assets accounted for only about 13% of the value of Nestlé, the world’s largest food company. (source OECD)

What is knowledge-based capital?

OECD describes it as such: Knowledge-based…


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So how can we unite and push towards achieving IC as part of an organizations thinking?

Two parts to this. Here is the first part.

We all know that innovation is hard to measure.

Assessing innovation capabilities can be particularly hard as they are made up of so many intangibles. We need to frame these capabilities in much better ways, as they mostly remain shrouded in mysteries to render it difficult to know what each business actually needs to  invest in, to achieve their goals. Knowing what and where they…


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Thinking Long Term

My reading pile has grown and gotten a little out of control in the past few weeks. I promise to dig in more on some of these many developments. However, many of them the continuation of issues/approaches we have discussed before and change still isn’t happening.

The pile includes new information about Shared Value (Porter), Knowledge-Based Capital (OECD), IIRC, Shift Index and Cultures of Purpose (Deloitte), End of Shareholder Value (Drucker Institute). They are all talking about the…


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IIRC is moving ahead

 Another great article on the emerging reporting framework under IIRC. While the approach moves us into a new environment on statutory reporting I think it would benefit from a closer tie in with the work on intangibles. The potential links are there when you look at the six "capitals" that are discussed.  …


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