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Hotbeds of Innovation

 I had a meeting last week with an organization in the desert at the foot of a mountain. Just a plain brick building in a small office park. But inside, there's a hotbed of innovation. And they’re facing a challenge I see more and more in effective companies today: they’re really good at what they do and they are trying to figure out how to scale it. Their core business involves community mental and physical health services. They do that well and can’t help themselves—they are always…


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Value creation comes from understanding where it resides

So to understand value you need to have a well thought through strategy. Briefly it consists of

  1.  Recognizing opportunities that are going to create new value
  2. You need to recalibrate your innovation radar and be selective on what offers new value, not just sustaining existing value,prune your pipeline to give additional…

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The Importance of the Innovation Ecosystem

When a team of people sit down in a company today, the conversation is much less likely to be “What’s our strategy?” and much more likely to be “How are we going to become more innovative?” This is because it’s getting increasingly hard to win by setting a strategy and sticking to it. Not that innovation is easy either. But companies know they have no choice…


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Innovation will struggle unless we really understand the make-up of its capitals

If we don’t understand where the innovation value resides we will certainly struggle to continue to build innovation’s position in the organization. Today innovation is still regarded as ‘expendable’, sacrificed on the altar of…


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Intangible Capital in M&A: The Case of American Airlines and USAir

The long-discussed and reviewed merger of American Airlines and USAir has finally gone through. It is the latest in a series of bankruptcies and mergers that have turned twelve airlines into four .

Mergers have a very bad record in general because more often than not, they fail to deliver achieve expected benefits. Airline mergers have an even tougher time because the industry struggles to…


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The Integrated Framework released PLUS two support documents

To quote from the release:

 The release of the International Integrated Reporting (<IR>) Framework on Monday 9 December 2013, marks an important milestone in the market-led evolution of corporate reporting.  It follows a three-month global consultation led by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) earlier this year, which elicited over 350 responses from every region in the world, the overwhelming majority of which expressed support for <IR>.…


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RELEASED today 4th December Framework for Integrated Reporting


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Intangible Capital, Cash and Banks

There’s a wonderfully thoughtful new article by James Saft at the International Financing Review about a recent Fed examination of rise of both corporate cash levels and intangible capital.

It seems that

“Using a new measure, we show that intangible capital is the most important firm-determinant of corporate cash holdings. Our measure accounts for almost as much of the secular…


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