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An integrated view of sustainability

Recently, I had a great conversation with two people in the corporate sustainability office of a NY-based company. They have been on a journey toward changing their actions and their communications to become more sustainable from an environmental and social perspective. They were talking to me because they…


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A better New Year’s resolution for you and your company through integrated thinking

New Year’s resolutions are just like a lot of corporate goals. They start out sounding great but don’t end up happening as planned. That’s because the primary focus is on the KPI’s, not on building the system to deliver on the KPI’s.

Here's a simple (hopefully not simplistic) analogy: A person has a…


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An Integrated View of Chipotle

In recent weeks, Chipotle has been through a number of crises where customers have grown ill. The first involved e coli-infected in Washington and Oregon. This week, 80 students fell sick with the in Massachusetts. Because I like to use Chipotle to explain integrated thinking, I’ve been paying special attention to this news.

Integrated thinking can be a powerful way of understanding what drives a company’s success. I often use Chipotle and Taco Bell as an illustration of how to…


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Integrated thinking, three frameworks and adding a fourth framework for innovation

The model of integrated thinking that combines three frameworks – Integrated Reporting, Sustainability, and Intangible Capital is excellent, but the framework for innovation is missing. In the framework for innovation there is a debate over a traditional vs. a new framework. In the traditional framework, investment in R&D is considered the primary driver of value creation. But the debate is also about process. In the traditional framework, the process is linear with stage gates in a…


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Integrated Conversations at Sustainatopia

Right before Thanksgiving I attended Sustainatopia. It was the first time the conference was held in Boston (it started in Florida and has also been held in California). It’s a really broad group of people and discussion tracks including impact investment, smart cities, LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability), sustainable strategies and innovation, empowering women and millennials.

I was on a panel with Dr. Stephen…


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A U.S. View on Integrated Thinking and Reporting

In the last month or so, I’ve attended a program on Integrated Reporting and another on Integrated Thinking in New York, both organized by Skytop Strategies. Skytop has been boldly moving forward with an agenda of programs designed to bring together a diverse group of integrated thinkers in the U.S.

I’m excited that there is a…


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Report from the Integrated Reporting Convention

As part of my journey to using a more fully “integrated” framework of the capitals that form the foundation of today’s companies, I attended three conferences in the last month (phew!). They came in quick succession and I’m still digesting it all. But I promised a number of people in our community that I would share some impressions. Here are some first thoughts with more to…


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Integrated Thinking: What’s Missing?

I’m happy to be speaking on a panel Thursday at Skytop Strategies’ Symposium on Integrated Thinking. The panel is called Drivers of Integrated Thinking: What’s Missing from the Existing…


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From IC to IR: Why I’m expanding my focus

If you have talked to me for any length of time about what I do, chances are I’ve quoted the story about the Blind Men and the Elephant. It’s because it’s a clear way to explain the challenge of measuring and…


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A novel, holistic method for Intellectual Capital Evaluation and Management via Stakeholders’ Feedback: the Case of ValueRabbit

I am glad to share with you the main findings of my research project on ValueRabbit, a new and holistic IC Evaluation and Management scorecard model developed in collaboration with SmarterCompanies and Fast Forward Advisors.

It is a master degree thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in…


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Intangible-intensive profile of a company: the key to outperforming

New paper in JIC with my co-author Elena Shakina. You can find it at:


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Smarter-Companies Finalist in International Case Study Competition!

I just got back from the European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM). The big driver for me was the first (as far as I know) case study competition for Intellectual Capital and Knowledge…


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Pioneering in Integrated Reporting in South Africa

South Africa is leading the way on the usage and adoption of the integrated reporting approach. Ernst & Young encourage this through a bench marking of the listed companies, presently in its forth year.

In the recent report "EY’s Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards 2014" it does make for interesting reading on where the use of all the combined capitals are encouraged but still shows that progress seems to be significantly lacking.

The stated purpose of the…


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Intangibles and Sustainability

Just had an article published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. The theme of the issue was Sustainability and Shareholder Value. My article was entitled Intangibles and Sustainability: Holistic approaches to measuring and managing value creation. I was honored to be in great company of thought leaders from the academic and business worlds.…


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Looking at THE capitals within the Banking Industry

Just out a paper that might offer some useful reading on the treatment of THE capitals within Banking..

The report opens with "Traditionally, reporting in the banking industry has focused on financial capital and, to some extent, human capital. With the emergence of a digitized world and the notion of the banks themselves under threat of disintermediation, careful consideration of the use of, and effects on, other capitals is increasingly important."

"This paper…


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The shift to intangibles within the digital age

It has been a while since I posted onto Smarter Companies but this held my attention and has got me thinking about the wider aspects of our intangibles and the impact digitization is having on bringing this further to the fore. 

I've taken this from an extended post on my site as I think it has a real relevance to the community here.

The shift to intangibles within the digital…


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It’s been awhile since I have written regularly. I’ve been busy on some projects that I’ll be talking about in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a highlight of news and activities:

  • I’ve been developing the most automated, simplest version of our stakeholder feedback platform in collaboration with a team in Europe. There’s a free version that you can try now if you’re interested (just contact me directly). Or watch for a bigger launch soon!
  • I’ve also…

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Intangible Assets as a Framework for Sustainable Value Creation

Athena Alliance is pleased to release a new working paper on Intangible Assets as a Framework for Sustainable Value Creation.

To become and remain successful, companies have come to understand that they need to follow a strategy of seek sustainable value creation. As a… Continue

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Productivity, growth and intangible capital: a short history lesson

Earlier this year, Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, gave a fascinating speech on "Growing, fast and slow." In it he succinctly sums up the history of economic growth. As he notes, "If the history of growth were a 24-hour clock, 99% would have come in the last 20 seconds." Given that economic growth is a very new phenomenon, he goes on to look at where growth comes from.… Continue

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New IP finance toolkit from UK IP Office

In previous postings, I reported on the efforts of the UK Intellectual Property Office to foster the utilization of IP as a financial asset. In 2013 I posted an item on their report on Banking on IP? The role of intellectual property and intangible assets in facilitating business finance. Last year, there was… Continue

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