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Value Management - The next stage in integrated thinking

The stated goal of integrated reporting is to explain “how a company creates value over time.”

To date, a lot of the focus in practice (and theory) has been on identifying the key capitals that drive this value creation. But the question about how value and the capitals change over time, and how the capitals interact with each other has been too advanced for most…


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The Drive for Integration

Today 100% of U.S. public companies provide accounting information publicly. It’s a requirement and an accepted practice. At the same time, over 80% of those companies are also disclosing some kind of sustainability data. This latter kind of disclosure…


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How to think about value creation in an integrated way

I have been challenging myself to find ways to bring the richness of the intellectual/intangible capital field to the integrated thinking and reporting movement. 

The three papers shared here are the product of that thinking. We're on a journey together. I hope to hear your feedback and…


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The role of Intangibles in Russian firms

Our paper "Bridging the gap in competitiveness of Russian companies with intangible bricks" is already available in Measuring Business Excellence.

In this paper, we analyse the difference of competitiveness between European and Russian companies considering the role of intangibles. We have found a significant difference in the means of competitiveness between European and Russian enterprises. Moreover, we have found a robust negative trend in the global competitiveness of…


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Trade Policy needs to Consider Private and Public Intangible Capital

Foreign trade driven by offshoring has caused a large loss in manufacturing jobs. A change in trade policy can return many manufacturing jobs to the USA and stop many additional losses.

The right legal argument recognizes that trade policy and economics don’t account for THE THEFT OF PUBLIC INTANGIBLE CAPITAL (PIC) IN OFFSHORING where the PIC was financed with…


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Is always beneficial to change towards a strategy intensive in intangibles?

 New paper about the strategy on intangibles. Changing to a more intangible-intensive strategy can have benefits but it has costs so it is important to understand whether there is a threshold for the change. This is analyzed in "Status-quo vs new strategy in intangibles" ( To get the conclusions there are some mathematical procedures that can appear as…


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NASA and The Silver Tsunami of an Aging Workforce and Why

David Oberhettinger, Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory delivers a half day workshop where participants will learn:

• How key knowledge is worth retaining and reusing

• The Deliberate Approach vs the Emergent Approach to KM Strategic Planning

• KM practices, tools and methods in retaining knowledge

• An Agile KM emergent approach: an enterprise’s KM strategy is not completely planned and deliberated in advance

• How to adopt methods and…


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Measuring the unmeasurables: Comparing corporate performance through intangibles

In this link:, you can find a comment on our paper on intangible-intensive profiles in JIC.

This is a comment in the journal Strategic Direction. 

(2016) "Measuring the unmeasurables: Comparing corporate performance through intangibles", Strategic Direction, Vol. 32 Iss: 3, pp.28 - 30.

I hope that you…


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Decoding Larry Fink’s CEO Letter

Blackstone is the world’s largest investor. So it’s news when its CEO, Larry Fink, sends a letter to the CEO’s of the S&P 500. He sent one last year and just sent a new one this month that is printed in full at Business Insider in which he calls for longer-term thinking in American companies. It’s an exciting read for those of us who believe that longer-term thinking will…


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Washington Think Tank has an obsolete view of innovation that largely ignores intangible capital

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) is one of the best think tanks in Washington because they study how innovation drives economic growth. However, the ITIF largely ignores how intangible capital drives innovation and economic growth. In their recent report,

Contributors and Detractors:Ranking Countries’ Impact on Global Innovation,…


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An integrated view of sustainability

Recently, I had a great conversation with two people in the corporate sustainability office of a NY-based company. They have been on a journey toward changing their actions and their communications to become more sustainable from an environmental and social perspective. They were talking to me because they wanted to extend their practices to not just think about…


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A better New Year’s resolution for you and your company through integrated thinking

New Year’s resolutions are just like a lot of corporate goals. They start out sounding great but don’t end up happening as planned. That’s because the primary focus is on the KPI’s, not on building the system to deliver on the KPI’s.

Here's a simple (hopefully not simplistic) analogy: A person has a strategic goal to lose (or gain!) weight. The KPI for this is their…


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An Integrated View of Chipotle

In recent weeks, Chipotle has been through a number of crises where customers have grown ill. The first involved e coli-infected in Washington and Oregon. This week, 80 students fell sick with the in Massachusetts. Because I like to use Chipotle to explain integrated thinking, I’ve been paying special attention to this news.

Integrated thinking can be a powerful way of understanding what drives a company’s success. I often use Chipotle and Taco Bell as an illustration of how to…


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Integrated thinking, three frameworks and adding a fourth framework for innovation

The model of integrated thinking that combines three frameworks – Integrated Reporting, Sustainability, and Intangible Capital is excellent, but the framework for innovation is missing. In the framework for innovation there is a debate over a traditional vs. a new framework. In the traditional framework, investment in R&D is considered the primary driver of value creation. But the debate is also about process. In the traditional framework, the process is linear with stage gates in a…


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Integrated Conversations at Sustainatopia

Right before Thanksgiving I attended Sustainatopia. It was the first time the conference was held in Boston (it started in Florida and has also been held in California). It’s a really broad group of people and discussion tracks including impact investment, smart cities, LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability), sustainable strategies and innovation, empowering women and millennials.

I was on a panel with Dr. Stephen…


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A U.S. View on Integrated Thinking and Reporting

In the last month or so, I’ve attended a program on Integrated Reporting and another on Integrated Thinking in New York, both organized by Skytop Strategies. Skytop has been boldly moving forward with an agenda of programs designed to bring together a diverse group of integrated thinkers in the U.S.

I’m excited that there is a…


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Report from the Integrated Reporting Convention

As part of my journey to using a more fully “integrated” framework of the capitals that form the foundation of today’s companies, I attended three conferences in the last month (phew!). They came in quick succession and I’m still digesting it all. But I promised a number of people in our community that I would share some impressions. Here are some first thoughts with more to…


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Integrated Thinking: What’s Missing?

I’m happy to be speaking on a panel Thursday at Skytop Strategies’ Symposium on Integrated Thinking. The panel is called Drivers of Integrated Thinking: What’s Missing from the Existing Guidance.

Sounds pretty esoteric right? Well it’s actually a hugely relevant conversation.…


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From IC to IR: Why I’m expanding my focus

If you have talked to me for any length of time about what I do, chances are I’ve quoted the story about the Blind Men and the Elephant. It’s because it’s a clear way to explain the challenge of measuring and managing business today when all the critical pieces of a business are…


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