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The growing value of Innovation Capital.

Value of Innovation Capital Recognizing the value of our innovation-related assets is where the ‘smart money’ should go. To gain growth and to improve productivity is through innovation. We need to translate knowledge into new values.

When you pause and consider the make-up of Innovation Capital you realize it makes such an economic contribution and  in a report from McKinsey & Co, they have…


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The Growing Intangible Capital Movement in Chile

I’ve just returned from an extremely exciting and stimulating trip to Chile hosted by Smarter-Companies partner firm Akloe including Arturo Alba, Rodrigo Leon, and Tomas Viveros. Besides getting to know a lovely city and its citizens, I was thrilled to have such a warm and interested reception for our message around…


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Is this the reporting template of the future?

Itaú Unibanco's Integrated Report 2013 provides a clear insight into the company's capitals.

To guide readers, the report uses navigation icons, which represents the company's capitals throughout.

The report also provides its own interpretation of the six capitals, based on the International <IR> Framework, and the relation of those capitals to the organization's business model.

Each features a dedicated section offering contextual information, key…


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<IR> update recommended to G20 Finance Ministers by B20

In a report commissioned by the B20, the business forum that advises G20 governments, the six largest global accounting networks¹ have endorsed <IR> as a key innovation that will make corporate reporting more conducive to long-term investment.

The report highlights the urgency with which policymakers must tackle the structural gap in infrastructure investment, estimated to be US$500 billion annually, and says that corporate reporting has a vital role to play in…


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Chile going global through intangibles investment

There’s a great new study of the Chilean wine industry funded by the World Bank that…


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Content Sharing...Next Step for 9yahds!

Exciting news came to 9yahds last week! Providing our users with a 'community folder' of shared processes will take just 72 hours of development.  Hence, we are running full steam ahead to populate the folder for when it goes live!

What does that mean?  It means we are taking expertly authored business processes and placing them in a folder that all users of 9yahds can copy and use.  This gives users a chance to see what a process should look like, compare it to how they may do things…


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Porter vs Christensen on HBX

It was fascinating to read the NYTimes story about the decision process behind the creation of Harvard Business School’s new on-line offering called Business School Disrupted. The offering, called HBX, teaches “pre-MBA” classes via an elaborate multi-screened platform and is the business school’s answer to education and the…


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All the capitals 'fire' innovation

A good morning or good evening to you all. My thought for today, well actually for all my days.

All the capitals ‘fire’ innovation. They make…


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Managing Your Unpaid Interns

As soon as the NCAA lacrosse tournament is over, my freshman at Trinity College, will return home to Western Ma. for a very short stay before heading to Boston for 2 months where she will become an unpaid intern for two different organizations.  The first will be a PR firm (2 days a week), and the remaining days, she will be working on a political campaign.  

As the PR firm asked her to participate in writing a curriculum, I became interested in the 'curriculum' aspects of unpaid…


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Valuation Failures

In the latest BVWire newsletter, there’s something of a bombshell (if you’re into this kind of thing):

Fair value is on hold at the FASB, observes Adam Smith (FASB), due to concerns over the BV profession. Up to now, the FASB has been a proponent of fair value in financial statements. This trend will not continue, according to Smith, because of the fragmented nature…


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The link between growth and inequality from an intangible capital framework

Ideas can be powerful but are often hidden. Case in point: the conceptual model of intangible capital as the driver of economic growth is becoming fixed in the public discourse. Whether people know it or not, they are implicitly using the concepts without explicitly referencing the model. An example is a recent speech by Chairman Jason Furman, Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers…


Added by Kenan Jarboe on May 12, 2014 at 11:40am — 1 Comment

Exploring all the Capitals that make up Value Creation

I wrote two blogposts in the last few days, partly in preparation for some discussions, partly to reaffirm some thinking

I'd like to share these within this community, if you have time to read them- wonderful, if you feel like commenting on them- even better.

Are we measuring what really matters?…


Added by Paul Hobcraft on May 9, 2014 at 6:30am — 4 Comments

Where's the Proof?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but I received two messages today. One from a contact here in the Boston area. And another from Europe. I thought I would share the questions and my answers as a way to start a conversation about intangibles, intangibles measurement and “hard” business results. I would love to hear your thoughts....

Question 1: Is there any evidence that evaluators consider seriously the findings of an intangibles assessment in acquisitions or…


Added by Mary Adams on May 5, 2014 at 11:20am — 1 Comment

Brightening my day- Singapore and the IIRC

When I read this part of Paul Druckman's speech (the MD of IIRC) I felt a very distinct value proposition had been articulated at a forum in Singapore attended by around 120 representatives from Singapore’s leading business, investor, accounting and academic organisations.

Druckman said, “We are living in an age when Apple has a higher market capitalisation than the world’s seven largest car manufacturers combined.  That fact reveals how much our economy, and the concept of value,…


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Europe also moved Integrated Reporting along

"Europe is sending a strong signal to the rest of the world, advancing the global move towards Integrated Reporting" Richard Howitt MEP

The European Commission, which this month passed legislation that will require around 6,000 European entities to disclose on non-financial and diversity information, has hailed <IR> as a "step ahead". In its…


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Latest view on Integrated Reporting

Those of you interested in Integrated Reporting might like to view the three short You Tube interviews with the CEO made in the last weeks.

These are

The Challenges…


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Brief Simple History of Performance Measures

I like to say that performance measures should be “actionable,” in that they are useful for a decision that needs to be made. To be useful, the measures need to provide information useful to, fit the decision style of, and be easily understandable by a decision-maker. When I develop performance measures, I first work with the decision-makers to understand the decisions they face and what information will be useful for their…


Added by James L. Poage on March 18, 2014 at 6:02pm — 1 Comment

Knowledge management 2.0 – financial accounting for intellectual capital as an information basis for intellectual capital management

„e-mentor” (polish scientific journal) just published interesting article entitled as this post. Here is its english summary:


In the last decade the development of the discipline of knowledge management has slowed compared to the previous successful period. Currently, this development can be accelerated again, because a new branch of post-industrial financial accounting adopted the concept of intellectual capital. The purpose of this article is to present the innovatory…


Added by Leslaw Niemczyk on March 4, 2014 at 9:31am — 7 Comments

IIRC plays an important role in Christine Lagarde’s “hyper-connected world”

 Recent comments released from IIRC in their February 2014 Newsletter

 Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has spoken of, "the breakneck pattern of integration and interconnectedness that defines our time”, bringing with it tensions in economic sustainability and global interconnections. <IR> is an important mechanism for driving the new way of thinking and behaviour needed in the ‘hyper-connected’ world that Lagarde has described. It focuses…


Added by Paul Hobcraft on February 27, 2014 at 12:18pm — 7 Comments

All the different capitals ‘fire’ innovation. They make innovation combustible.

 What we need is to recognize is the real “nesting effect” from all of our capitals. Each of our capitals performs a particular function and the overhaul make-up of their understanding becomes our eventual code to perform innovation.

Each organizations uses it mix of capitals to accomplish and generate innovation. It is in this mixture of combinations brought together constantly in different ways , this ‘nested effect’ that innovation occurs. The…


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