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Pioneering in Integrated Reporting in South Africa

South Africa is leading the way on the usage and adoption of the integrated reporting approach. Ernst & Young encourage this through a bench marking of the listed companies, presently in its forth year.

In the recent report "EY’s Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards 2014" it does make for interesting reading on where the use of all the combined capitals are encouraged but still shows that progress seems to be significantly lacking.

The stated purpose of the…


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Looking at THE capitals within the Banking Industry

Just out a paper that might offer some useful reading on the treatment of THE capitals within Banking..

The report opens with "Traditionally, reporting in the banking industry has focused on financial capital and, to some extent, human capital. With the emergence of a digitized world and the notion of the banks themselves under threat of disintermediation, careful consideration of the use of, and effects on, other capitals is increasingly important."

"This paper…


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The shift to intangibles within the digital age

It has been a while since I posted onto Smarter Companies but this held my attention and has got me thinking about the wider aspects of our intangibles and the impact digitization is having on bringing this further to the fore. 

I've taken this from an extended post on my site as I think it has a real relevance to the community here.

The shift to intangibles within the digital…


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The growing value of Innovation Capital.

Value of Innovation Capital Recognizing the value of our innovation-related assets is where the ‘smart money’ should go. To gain growth and to improve productivity is through innovation. We need to translate knowledge into new values.

When you pause and consider the make-up of Innovation Capital you realize it makes such an economic contribution and  in a report from McKinsey & Co, they have…


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Is this the reporting template of the future?

Itaú Unibanco's Integrated Report 2013 provides a clear insight into the company's capitals.

To guide readers, the report uses navigation icons, which represents the company's capitals throughout.

The report also provides its own interpretation of the six capitals, based on the International <IR> Framework, and the relation of those capitals to the organization's business model.

Each features a dedicated section offering contextual information, key…


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<IR> update recommended to G20 Finance Ministers by B20

In a report commissioned by the B20, the business forum that advises G20 governments, the six largest global accounting networks¹ have endorsed <IR> as a key innovation that will make corporate reporting more conducive to long-term investment.

The report highlights the urgency with which policymakers must tackle the structural gap in infrastructure investment, estimated to be US$500 billion annually, and says that corporate reporting has a vital role to play in…


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All the capitals 'fire' innovation

A good morning or good evening to you all. My thought for today, well actually for all my days.

All the capitals ‘fire’ innovation. They make…


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Exploring all the Capitals that make up Value Creation

I wrote two blogposts in the last few days, partly in preparation for some discussions, partly to reaffirm some thinking

I'd like to share these within this community, if you have time to read them- wonderful, if you feel like commenting on them- even better.

Are we measuring what really matters?…


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Brightening my day- Singapore and the IIRC

When I read this part of Paul Druckman's speech (the MD of IIRC) I felt a very distinct value proposition had been articulated at a forum in Singapore attended by around 120 representatives from Singapore’s leading business, investor, accounting and academic organisations.

Druckman said, “We are living in an age when Apple has a higher market capitalisation than the world’s seven largest car manufacturers combined.  That fact reveals how much our economy, and the concept of value,…


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Europe also moved Integrated Reporting along

"Europe is sending a strong signal to the rest of the world, advancing the global move towards Integrated Reporting" Richard Howitt MEP

The European Commission, which this month passed legislation that will require around 6,000 European entities to disclose on non-financial and diversity information, has hailed <IR> as a "step ahead". In its…


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Latest view on Integrated Reporting

Those of you interested in Integrated Reporting might like to view the three short You Tube interviews with the CEO made in the last weeks.

These are

The Challenges…


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IIRC plays an important role in Christine Lagarde’s “hyper-connected world”

 Recent comments released from IIRC in their February 2014 Newsletter

 Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has spoken of, "the breakneck pattern of integration and interconnectedness that defines our time”, bringing with it tensions in economic sustainability and global interconnections. <IR> is an important mechanism for driving the new way of thinking and behaviour needed in the ‘hyper-connected’ world that Lagarde has described. It focuses…


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All the different capitals ‘fire’ innovation. They make innovation combustible.

 What we need is to recognize is the real “nesting effect” from all of our capitals. Each of our capitals performs a particular function and the overhaul make-up of their understanding becomes our eventual code to perform innovation.

Each organizations uses it mix of capitals to accomplish and generate innovation. It is in this mixture of combinations brought together constantly in different ways , this ‘nested effect’ that innovation occurs. The…


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Natural Capital offers a business hub.

I came across this site on Natural Capital- its fresh, getting structured on its position and value proposition and delivering its message

Also another worth browsing is

Both are trying to create the common understanding, provide open examples of what and how to go about…


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A thought for the day

I was researching different aspects of Innovation, Intellectual Capital and Business Connections over recent weeks.

One comment struck me, it has been with me, nagging away in my brain for these last few days......can you help?

What do you make of this personally?

"The intellectual capital paradigm appears to be stuck at a crossroads of relevance"

Any thoughts, the context is yours, not in what or where I found it

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Stepping up to the growing challenge of recognizing all capitals- possible?

Organizations still stutter in their appreciating of where their true value resides. It resides in all their collective capitals.

So who is stepping up to the plate to get this nailed, buttoned down, once and for all clarified?

Recognizing where our true value resides is still a real organizational problem.

The real problem we have on most organizations is they lack the appreciation of what makes up their…


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Building into our Organizations a more Dynamic Social Fabric

 We are recognizing increasingly that both individuals and organizations needs to explore multiple ways to learn and find the right pathway for innovation learning as they progress.

This needs a more ‘dynamic social fabric’ to allow it to flow, it needs organizational encouragement. It needs mutual adaptions and mutual adjustment. The understanding of absorptive capacity framework significantly helps structure this. Also any dynamic social fabric…


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Putting real value into our innovation efforts

Continuing from my last post "Value Creation comes from understanding where it resides"

Value creation comes from understanding where it resides - See more at:…

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Value creation comes from understanding where it resides

So to understand value you need to have a well thought through strategy. Briefly it consists of

  1.  Recognizing opportunities that are going to create new value
  2. You need to recalibrate your innovation radar and be selective on what offers new value, not just sustaining existing value,prune your pipeline to give additional…

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Innovation will struggle unless we really understand the make-up of its capitals

If we don’t understand where the innovation value resides we will certainly struggle to continue to build innovation’s position in the organization. Today innovation is still regarded as ‘expendable’, sacrificed on the altar of…


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