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Entrepreneurs and Patents…

Michael D. Moberly   June 21, 2013    

There are and infinite number of interpretation to what is routinely referred to as what ‘the American dream’ and an equal number of paths how to achieve it.  The notion of ‘the American dream’ has certainly embedded in political rhetoric as one need only watch C-SPAN and listen to countless elected politicians consistently apply those three words to produce - elicit a myriad of emotions, imaginations as well as anger and frustration among…


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Intangible Assets: A Mere Theoretical Concept...Not!

Michael D. Moberly   June 10, 2013    ‘A blog where attention span matters’!

I routinely have the opportunity to talk with a cross-section of business leaders and entrepreneurs about my favorite topic; intangible assets.  One particularly stimulating conversation occurred with a very astute colleague and yes, it was about intangible assets.

My colleague certainly intended no disrespect to me or other intangible asset advocates and strategists by suggesting,…


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Will Conventional Business Plans and Mission Statements Remain Relevant In Intangible Asset Driven Economies?


Michael D. Moberly   February 1, 2011

The increasingly competive business terrain in which know how and other intangible assets have become the overwhelmingly dominant drivers and producers of value and revenue, is, in my view, prompting many companies to re-examine the relevance of their often times, conventional and even static business plans and mission statements.  



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