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Integrated reporting helps you act like a B-Corp



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How to Measure Organization Capitals

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How to Map Organization Capitals

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New perspectives on Intangible Capital from Haskel and Westlake

This new book by Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake called Capitalism without Capital: The Rise…


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1.6 - How to inventory organizational capitals

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3 steps to model sustainable value creation

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What is sustainable value creation?

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What is the multi-capital model?

Latest episode of the Building Smarter Companies video blog:

What are the most important resources driving the value and performance of your business? Learn about the seven kinds of capital that are critical to creating value--and how to use this model to develop integrated reporting for your shareholders and…


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What is integrated reporting?

From the Building Smarter Companies Video Blog


In this episode, Mary Adams shares the mega-trends challenging traditional financial management and introduces the concept of integrated thinking and reporting. 

To learn more, subscribe to this channel or visit…


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Looking beyond the short term in business

Episode 1.1 of my new Building Smarter Companies video blog!

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How Intangible Capital Saves Bookshops

Some of the most interesting intangible capital stories these days come from the intersection between businesses that seem to be heavily tangible but are actually succeeding based on their intangibles.  A recent post by Workbar talked about the…


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Integrated perspectives and opportunities: WIPO Intangible Capital Study

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently released its World Intellectual Property Report 2017 under the title Intangible Capital in Global Value Chains.  The key finding of the report is that “one third of the value of the products you buy comes from…


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Best Buy's Intangible Capital Secrets

I was reading a NY Times article this morning entitled, Best Buy’s Secrets for Surviving in the Amazon Age. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and I started tallying their intangible capitals in my head.  Thought I’d share my tally and the…


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A New Way of Looking at Intangible Capital

For many years, my work in the intellectual/intangible capital field focused on the kinds of capitals that are considered intangible from an accounting perspective: human, relationship and structural capital. But the integrated reporting movement has challenged me to see things more broadly. That movement combines three perspectives (click to view full size):…


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Value Management - The next stage in integrated thinking

The stated goal of integrated reporting is to explain “how a company creates value over time.”

To date, a lot of the focus in practice (and theory) has been on identifying the key capitals that drive this value creation. But the question about how value and the capitals change over time, and how the capitals interact with each other has been too advanced for most…


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The Drive for Integration

Today 100% of U.S. public companies provide accounting information publicly. It’s a requirement and an accepted practice. At the same time, over 80% of those companies are also disclosing some kind of sustainability data. This latter kind of disclosure is…


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How to think about value creation in an integrated way

I have been challenging myself to find ways to bring the richness of the intellectual/intangible capital field to the integrated thinking and reporting movement. 

The three papers shared here are the product of that thinking. We're on a journey together. I hope to hear your feedback and…


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Decoding Larry Fink’s CEO Letter

Blackstone is the world’s largest investor. So it’s news when its CEO, Larry Fink, sends a letter to the CEO’s of the S&P 500. He sent one last year and just sent a new one this month that is printed in full at Business Insider in which he calls for longer-term thinking in American companies. It’s an exciting read for those of us who believe that longer-term thinking will…


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An integrated view of sustainability

Recently, I had a great conversation with two people in the corporate sustainability office of a NY-based company. They have been on a journey toward changing their actions and their communications to become more sustainable from an environmental and social perspective. They were talking to me because they wanted to extend their practices to not just think about externalities…


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A better New Year’s resolution for you and your company through integrated thinking

New Year’s resolutions are just like a lot of corporate goals. They start out sounding great but don’t end up happening as planned. That’s because the primary focus is on the KPI’s, not on building the system to deliver on the KPI’s.

Here's a simple (hopefully not simplistic) analogy: A person has a strategic goal to lose (or gain!) weight. The KPI for this is their…


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