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The Myth of the Net Promoter Score

It happened again this week. It’s happening more and more. I call customer service or I buy something and I get the email asking me to fill out a quick survey.


Sometimes there are a number of questions with this one at the bottom. Sometimes it’s just the one question:


How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends and colleagues?


I know why the question is there. There was a Harvard Business Review…


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It’s an Intangible Capital Revolution

We are living in the middle of an historic revolution that is taking us from an industrial to a social, intangible capital-based economy. This revolution is visible everywhere but one place that I love to watch is in how the intangible capital economy is changing one of the oldest human activities: agriculture.  Here’s some context:


One of the turning points in human history came when men and women figured out how to control production of food. These practices of the…


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Management is Broken

Most of what we do as managers and most of what is still taught in business schools is a toolset that was perfected in the industrial era for managing factories. It shows people how to manage from the top down and is built on the assumption that the boss has all the answers. Org charts are the prototypical view of the organization under this model.


We all know that the world has changed. That the industrial era is over. That top-down isn’t enough. There are lots of…


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