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Smarter Companies Use the Right Information Set

In recent weeks I’ve been getting ready for an exciting session on Accounting for Intangible Assets at SIBOS 2013 in Dubai next month. Working with…


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Why There's No Going Back

We talk a lot about intangibles and smarter companies. Most people get what we are talking about.

But why these particular changes? Why now? Sometimes I’m forced to explain it all more succinctly. As I’ve prepared for the webinar on Superstar SME's I’m doing with IPR Plaza on Thursday, I’ve been challenged to develop some background pieces that help explain…


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A New Generation of Consulting Practices

I read with interest the recent series Why Management Consulting Will Be Disrupted by one of our collaborators, Jay Deragon. The thesis is that digitization brought on by technology, the internet and social media will challenge the business model of traditional management consulting practices.

Below are some thoughts on key trends affecting the industry and…


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The Whole Story

The ICounts Graphs tell the story of a company in a succinct way. Here’s the story of what one company discovered through this assessment process (see note below).

Profile: Software and services company in the healthcare space

Why they undertook the assessment: The company had grown consistently over its ten-year history. But growth had stalled and they had just been turned down for a new credit line. They wanted to jumpstart growth in a way…


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Follow the Money?

Late last week on Twitter, Harold Jarche commented on a post by Jay Deragon saying:


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Built for Future Success? Six Cases

One of the challenges of business today is that most of the drivers of innovation, performance and value aren’t visible. That’s because mainstream accounting and management systems aren’t built to track and measure digital assets, knowledge and collaboration. Yet these intangible assets make up 80% of the value of the average business.

A lot of the…


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Intangible Capital Manifesto


The new changes to GDP calculations to include intangibles have been prompting lots of discussion in the mainstream press. That's great news to all of us in the IC community. So it feels like the right time to pull out the basic principles of Intangible Capitalism that I first wrote a few years ago......




Our economy now runs on intangible capital. 80% of the value of the average business in the U.S. is intangible. This is very…


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Intangibles, GDP and You

I have to confess that I have been surprised by the depth of the reaction to the latest changes in the GDP calculations which count R&D and creative works as investments with lasting value rather than current expenses that don't last. 

This is something that has been in the works for years. Back in 2006, the NY Times explained that the BEA had begun to experiment with the idea of adding…


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An Open Letter to McKinsey: Our Collective [Intangible] Responsibilities

I’ve been active in the field of intangible capital for many years. So I had a flurry of emails in my inbox this week from colleagues making sure that I saw your new report Measuring the Full Impact of Digital Capital. Since you don’t invite comments on line, I am emailing this to you and also publishing it in…


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