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Strong Smarter Companies Showing at ICICKM

There were people from 40 countries who attended International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management (ICICKM) in DC last week. As always, it was great to see old friends from our community.

Our contingent included Xiaomi An, LinLin Cai, Paul Okeke,…


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Social Business Needs to Take to the Streets

There’s been quite a firestorm on the web started by Chris Heuer declaring Social Business Is Dead – Long Live What’s Next.  I’m interested because I see social business as a parallel and overlapping concept with intangible capital and new forms of measurement.



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IP Management QuickScan

Awhile back, I developed a free tool for evaluating IP using IC concepts. A number of people have asked me to bring it back so I am providing it here (see terms of use below). Let me know what you think. Maybe we’ll automate it again….


Most companies develop intellectual property for their own use. In this situation, the ultimate success and value of a specific piece of IP ends up depending on the success of the business supporting…


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Stakeholder Value as the Path to True Shareholder Value

Leif Edvinsson sent me a link to this article last week entitled The Long View: Why “Maximizing Shareholder Value” Is On Its Way Out by Rick Warzman, the Executive Director of the …


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Smart Insiders in Graz

I just got back from another trip to Europe. This time I was at the Smart Insider user conference for Unycom, the software company that’s been doing exciting work for IP departments of many European (an now U.S.) firms.  The conference opened with a really fun conversation with…


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Dancing Around Twitter’s Intangible Capital

Everything you read about the Twitter IPO is talking about pieces of its intangible capital. Not a big surprise—it’s a perfect example of a social technology company built almost completely of intangibles.

But as someone interested in the field, I get frustrated that the holistic view that IC brings is often lacking. In an effort to gain such…


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Don’t Get Blindsided

I was sitting on my couch flipping through Fast Company last night and found two articles back to back in the Next section that are like a double punch for any businessperson who isn’t already thinking about how social technologies will change their world. (I was so struck by the double whammy, I…


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