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The Intangible Capital in Coffee

I’ve just started working out of WorkBar in Boston. One of the many cool benefits of working here are the special programs for members.

On Friday there was a talk about coffee given by Equal Exchange (EE) based in Bridgewater MA. As I thought later about the…


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A Sign of Growth!

We had our first big change to one of our open source products this week.

It‘s a change to our ICounts Canvas that was submitted by Mindaugas Cerpickis, an ICountant from TPA/IPR Plaza in Amsterdam. The changes are mostly related to format but they feel really big to us because they increase the understandability and usability of the tool.…


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Outside-In Measurement

The signs are all around. LinkedIn’s endorsements. Social media wins and losses for companies (did you hear about JP Morgan’s Twitter debacle?). And this …


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Why ICounting?

For as long as I have been interested in intangible capital, I’ve had this problem. I explain what I mean by intangibles and people immediately frame it within existing constructs. This sometimes leads to the elephant problem. But it also leads to the accounting problem. What I mean is when people like valuation professionals, accountants and finance people (among others) tell me that…


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Thinking Long Term

My reading pile has grown and gotten a little out of control in the past few weeks. I promise to dig in more on some of these many developments. However, many of them the continuation of issues/approaches we have discussed before and change still isn’t happening.

The pile includes new information about Shared Value (Porter), Knowledge-Based Capital (OECD), IIRC, Shift Index and Cultures of Purpose (Deloitte), End of Shareholder Value (Drucker Institute). They are all talking about the…


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The Elephant in the Room

I tend to use the elephant analogy a lot. I’ve used it a number of times in the last few weeks. I used it when I was at the Unycom conference in Graz and just used it again in conversations with John Dumay, our academic collaborator from Australia (who happens to also be a big Red Sox fan and has been at Games 4, 5, and 6). And I just used it again on a career panel for…


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