Any experience with Integrated Reporting?

Earlier today Paul posted an item on the experiences of the Generali Group of Italy using Integrated Reporting.  Does anyone else have examples of/ experience with companies who are using the IR format already - as part of the IIRC's pilot? I heard that the framework is mandatory in South Africa - it that correct? It would be especially interesting to see any of the actual reports. FYI - the IIRC pilot runs until Sept 2014.

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Comment by Paul Hobcraft on November 27, 2013 at 9:27am

Kenan, I quote below from the recent report of where the 'bulk' of the experiences lie and that does seem to be outside the United States.

It seems the USA might be behind others in exploring this- I wonder for what possible reason?

The South Africa approach is summarized below and picked up a fair amount in this latest yearly report if you are interested even more.

The notable country groups piloting and exploring <IR> are:

The Brazilian Integrated Reporting Network brings together 175 market participants, facilitated by the

Brazil National Development Bank. The network includes business, accounting bodies, the Global Reporting Initiative, the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment and the University of São Paulo.

Nearly 50 companies have taken steps towards <IR> in Japan, where the Integrated Reporting

network consists of business and institutional investor representatives, including IIRC Pilot Programme participants.

The Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum has more than 200 members, including public sector and industry associations, companies, investors and universities. <IR> is gaining momentum as support increases among major asset owners, including the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors.

In Germany’s Integrated Reporting Network,businesses and investors exchange experiences. One of the newest members of the network is Germany’s stock exchange operator, the Deutsche Börse Group, which became the first stock exchange to join the IIRC Pilot Programme.

Integrated Reporting is a listing requirement in South Africa, and IIRC Pilot Programme participants have been catalysts for a South African Integrated Reporting Network in collaboration with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa. The network provides a platform to promote learning and information sharing.

In August, PwC in South Africa released findings of its survey of how the Top 40 companies listed on the JSE disclosed value creation in their integrated reports. PwC’s analysis of company reporting found that companies showed a willingness to tell their value creation stories beyond the traditional financial focus of reporting.

There are periodic reports on the IIRC site to refer too.

Hope this partly helps

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