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You can find information about the book at juanpablostegmann.com

What if you were offered a new way to examine strategic management and business strategy, as well as a new way to integrate the existing theory under a new model? In recent decades, an amazing number of strategic management theories and models have been produced, but none that can synthesize all the existing theories—until now.

Offering an innovative strategic management solution for today’s market, Strategic Value Management addresses common problems among business managers and other professionals involved in thinking about developing and managing organizations. Here, author Juan Pablo Stegmann introduces the strategy-value model, a revolutionary paradigm that streamlines strategic management and business strategy with stock value creation. Created by the author while working with McKinsey & Company on a strategic management/ stock value creation problem for a large telephone and media conglomerate, Stegmann’s unique strategy-value model integrates all strategic management and business strategy into a new standard that introduces key metrics to strategic management and stock value creation.

This original approach asserts that every strategy has a key dollar metric and proves that most complex business issues can be reduced to the three dimensions of stock value creation—profits, sales growth, and capital— and linked to three critical strategic management decisions: competition, innovation, and resources.

Proposing a comprehensive integration of thinking aimed at creating awareness of the full effects of managerial decisions, Strategic Value Management explores:
• How metrics help to apply critical thinking in strategic management

• Strategic planning and control, both the process and the final document

• How to build strategies with the goal of stock value creation

• Competitive strategies within industrial economics, and game theory

• How strategic management can be applied to nonbusiness institutions

• The tools you need to develop organizational knowledge

• A new methodology to assess the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

• Why strategic management and business ethics are inextricably connected

With Stegmann’s proven strategy-value model, you will be able to incorporate most advance theories in a couple of hours and reduce complex business cases into dynamic one-page summaries that link strategies with stock value creation.

Creating a straightforward and insightful new conceptual model for thinking about business strategy and its link to stock value creation, Strategic Value Management simplifies and modernizes strategic management by integrating disciplines such as industrial economics, game theory, transaction costs economics, agency theory, the resource view of the firm, knowledge management, and intellectual capital, so that the entire organization can develop unique resources toward the ultimate goal of higher stock value creation.

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