Connecting the Dots .gov, .com, .edu.. – Intellectual Capital of The State of Israel – Case Study by IBCM

Intangible Connecting the Dots – .gov, .com, .edu, .. Intellectual Capital of The state of Israel – Case Study by IBCM

I am pleased to release this Research Paper from IBCM a Case Study on Intellectual Capital of The State of Israel. The State of Israel has done exceptionally well in Human Resources utilization for the growth and achievements, that are many, of the country. Countries like India that waste Agricultural Produce in millions of tonnes while millions are languishing in utter poverty and die of hunger, must learn how to use the resources entrusted to their care. In India Human Capital is deliberately undermined with religious animosity fanned to inflame hatred and violence, as a State Policy.   At the same time corruption has gone beyond one’s reach of control, again perpetrators running or rather ruining the country. Connecting the Dots – .gov, .edu, .com, .relg, .pol to .ppl is the need of the hour for every country. That is why this Case Study on Israel’s capabilities is a must-read and follow for all countries in the world, particularly USA that has squandered all the riches with very poor management of Human Resources. This Case Study is available for download at: Israel_IC-Measurement_IBCM.pdf The Case Study has reference to link the Intellectual Capital of The State of Israel 60 Years of Achievements that is available at this link.

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Jayaraman Rajah Iyer


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Comment by Dr. Edna Pasher on August 11, 2011 at 4:58am


Many thanks indeed for having studyied our report so carefully for new insights.

I appologise for my late response.

I will share it with other friends in Israel and abroad, who are familiar with the Israel IC report - so they can enjoy it and maybe join the conversation.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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