Content Sharing...Next Step for 9yahds!

Exciting news came to 9yahds last week! Providing our users with a 'community folder' of shared processes will take just 72 hours of development.  Hence, we are running full steam ahead to populate the folder for when it goes live!

What does that mean?  It means we are taking expertly authored business processes and placing them in a folder that all users of 9yahds can copy and use.  This gives users a chance to see what a process should look like, compare it to how they may do things internally, and alter as needed.   The benefit? It removes the blank white sheet syndrome of 'how do I get started?'.  It also gives experts a chance to share their strengths in a new format - through smart marketing.

Each process is submitted to the shared folder with a description and contact information of the author.  We will also feature each content provider on our website with link to their own site. Using our blogging feature, we will provide an overview of each content provider and, if they choose, a blurb on why their process(es) are important.

In the end, everyone wins.  Users get a head start documenting processes, which builds strength and value in their companies.  Content providers gain a new means of reaching potential clients, association members or future business partners through the shared community experience.

9yahds provides free content and 2 free users to get people started building processes for improved knowledge transfer, business continuity and profitability.  In the end, we hope all of this means many users of 9yahds doing great things together!

So what have we got so far?  Processes being authored include: Successful Recruitment and On-Boarding of New Employee, Develop an Orientation, Grievance Process, Training Reinforcement, Organizational Assessment Process, Emergency Mode Operations, HIC....

How do you share a process?  Provide it to us in any format you have.  We will build it into 9yahds and share the results with you.  As soon as the developers have tested and given us the okay, we will slide these processes into the shared folder and they will become available to users.  Sign up today at and await the day and you, too, will have access to everything we share.

Everyone on Smarter-Companies should be documenting processes, by nature of being smarter companies.  If you are not, it's time to start...with

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