I’m new to this community, so go easy on me! But I thought I’d share something first, to see what others thought of it, but also as way of showing what interests me most, which is the steadily growing realisation that it’s in the interests of society as a whole that financial masters and their business slaves learn a new shared language, that being human capital.

The Human Capital Handbook - you can download it , for free, here http://www.humancapitalhandbook.com/ - has only been out a month or so – limited release, as it’s a first edition too. 10 authors, business leaders, HR, academics, regulators, investors. Themes: human capital measurement, management and reporting. Hopefully some of you will have heard of these folks, and will find something new or interesting here.

This is the widest community I think I’ve opened it up to. 


Your feedback, good or bad, would be very welcome.

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