Intangibles and Human Resources in the value of the Company

Since not all people are equal, or between, or one person with herself in the time dimension, all uncorrelated actions differ, some better than others. Be unique, emotional causes irregular, training, educational, attitudinal environment for their business, personal, familial, social.

As an anecdote, what better proof of this assertion is the observation of a popular marathon race. If you have 1,000 or 20,000 people, all are different is by weight, height, sex, color, clothing, anatomy and movements, ultimately genetically.

Human Resources Company is an important part in the composition of the product cost, as is the quality of the persons performing the activity. The company must have a culture of knowing how to delegate in each of the people in the organization, in its different levels and accountability. We must demand results and work quality. It is not productive police distrust the system constant.

It has to have an excellent system for selecting human resources. You must select the right people to each organization, enterprise and activity.
People grow when they trust them. Are neglectful or abandon us when it is not. It should be mentioned at least briefly in favor of the employee or employee who thrives in adversity cyclical business, committed to the continuity of the company that hired him and not to flee when circumstances are adverse and negative impact on the income statement. This is when most needed their experience, knowledge of the Company, the faithfulness, their drive, their collaboration and the enterprise, DG, must rely more on him, trying to keep him and not to provoke their departure is actively or passively.

This highly respectful treatment must be provided before and after the possible time of crisis. If one day the business manager "discovered" that some hundreds of workers are inefficient and decides to dispense with them, must assume the expense incurred in exchange for a zero rate of return obtained and consequently the possible "no" accumulated over months and years. Even where it should be the responsibility of this administration, perhaps the result of carelessness in maintaining such a highly competitive at the most malleable resource for the company. Possible exception of specific cases of conflict.

Much as mentioned the human resource, strategic pillar, mainstay of the company, base on which to build the corporate organizational structure, and as there are the first resources crisis of which is to be discarded. You can not preach that we must extend the retirement age not to overload the public deficit, as well as to exploit the venerable experience, and surprise gift from a company hundreds of early retirement by the public budget.

The company is interested in people who every day grow in value, whether by training, experience, teamwork, people who constantly be concerned about keeping company, struggling with competition for them.

A company that becomes manger for an employee, the category that is, her days are numbered as the occupational and professional passivity business slows until it stops, like pedaling a bicycle.

Properly treat the synergies between employees. A good partner attracts others. A bad partner also attracts some bad. Successful people are interested. The failure in the human resources policy drives away good people of all levels and want to hear about a change to a company where the valuation of the individual exists only as explained in the manual does not apply powdered and placed in a corner of a forgotten shelf, and forgotten in a highly prepared mind and possibly "mastered".

The mentality of either the person who is, operator, a leader of any person or persons, leader of medium and high, where space has solely the verb in first person singular and not plural, has doomed the project business. There must be an entity set of equipment to ensure compliance with business strategy, from its embryonic stage to completion and replacement by another strategy. From the smallest detail to the thick-transcendence.

We can not ignore any of the activities carried out in the company and to be or had to be filtered properly and justified its existence. All expenditure has to be under control. Expenses not bolted, are lightened the reins, girths are neglected and the thud is served.

We must prevent the sale is final only asset as a better way that shareholder recover some of its prestige, so it is imperative that the company has correctly selected individuals who accumulated or accrued training and experience to work led team is the basis of their work and able to take advantage of synergies from it and transmit them and understand the strategy in the short, medium and long term business. Only then there will be a highly competitive business project.

Quality in organizing tasks and people. Instruments and procedures, who does what, how and what gets done. People are the basis of the intangible value they are imaginative, creative, those who organize, decide, work and innovate.

But these qualities need to be placed in a perfectly organized system, where deliverables and see. If there is established a classical system and apply suggestions, study and report, the system flows. If not, the second suggestion received that falls on deaf ears, the system is ignored and lost a great value, the capacity for continuous improvement element that moves the company, the person.

A distinguishing feature between firms are also active. Investment in tangible instruments made due to what people investigate and propose, are computer programs that streamline the work, together with appropriate hardware, machinery production process is quick, easy format change, low-maintenance, appropriate to the size batch of the company. Matter much hit on what suits the company's business.

If that fact differentiator for tangible assets takes place, we must realize that this is due to the action and mediation staff, who have led and developed ideas about what is best for the company where they work, from view smaller than the charge that is, until the most important opinion, is the charge that is.

Establishment of standard operating procedures and appropriate standards-friendly manufacturing, whether imposed by government agencies as their own business organization, in this case expressing a desire to do good things and apart from the competition on the one hand and on the other distinguished himself over the past processes that have been improved.

Although numbers to guide us, consider again the activities in the large firms, relies on physical and intellectual development of human resources. As indicated Claus Möller must get the person to be involved intellectually, physically and emotionally in the project that the company performs.

Team, needed to run an activity. People do not talk individually or in the singular but of people in teams and in plural.

Agustín Moreno Ruz

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