Integrated Reporting- The Year End Report 2013


I’ve been working through the report from the IIRC entitled “IIRC pilot programme year book 2013”. It provides a useful summary of their progress, offering examples of organizations and how they are tackling this IIRC concept. Perhaps it is worth reading


My continued concern is that the Intellectual Capital movement may have not got its message across as well as others within the ‘capital’ mix. Clearly there is a significant improvement but it does seem the IC components are being broken out and that is good. Does anyone who might be closer to this ongoing process have a clear view of the fit or not of IC within this movement? I just feel it what I’ve read it might be under represented, hopefully I’m wrong


Their summary “The Capitals in a Nutshell”


Every business uses different types of capital to create value. These capitals become inputs to business activities. In the process of becoming an organization’s outputs, they can be increased, decreased, enhanced, consumed, modified, destroyed or otherwise transformed.


Different capitals apply to different organizations, depending on the level of their dependence or impacts on them.


Examples of the capitals include (taken from the report):


FINANCIAL : Funds available for use in the production of goods or provision of services; obtained through financing, or generated through operations or investments.


MANUFACTURED : Buildings, equipment, infrastructure.


HUMAN:  People’s competencies, capabilities, experience, and motivations to innovate.


INTELLECTUAL : Organizational, knowledge-based intangibles, including: intellectual property, “organizational capital” and intangibles associated with brand and reputation.


SOCIAL AND RELATIONSHIP:  Relationships with stakeholder groups and other networks, and the ability to share information to enhance well-being. It includes relationships with key external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, business partners, communities, legislators, regulators, and policy-makers – an organization’s social licence to operate.


NATURAL :  All renewable and non-renewable environmental resources and processes that provide goods or services that support the prosperity of an organization.


I like one of the visuals within the report:

So do you think the IC movement is well represented within this IIRC capital view?

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