Investment in intangible assets generate growth, says OECD.

Preliminary estimates for several OECD countries show that firms now invest as much in intangible assets related to innovation (R&D, software, skills, organisational know-how and branding) as they invest in traditional capital such as machinery, equipment and buildings. ................... investment in intangible assets and MFP growth accounted for between two-thirds and three-quarters of labour productivity growth in OECD countries.

From the recent OECD Innovation Strategy 2010, may 27.

Perhaps firms should invest even more - as the Intangible Assets part of the firm most possible is worth more on the market than the Tangible Assets.

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Comment by Mary Adams on May 31, 2010 at 11:25am
What I like about this report is how it pulls together so many threads: intangibles, collaboration, climate change, IP, R&D--it's all one big system. But Thomas is absolutely right--it all starts with investment in intangible assets! Mary

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