The following is an AREOPA white paper titled: Measuring the Immeasurable.

MEASURING THE IMMEASURABLE -JA-20050630 (wp GNO20100203).docx


We are a leading knowledge and practice provider in the fields of Change Management, Knowledge Management, Risk Assessment and Intellectual Capital Accounting.

With our own models, methodologies and tools we create a turnaround in the valuation of intangible assets of organizations active in the knowledge economy.
Our tools for IC accounting make us world leader in this field.
Worldwide we work together with partners, large organizations, multinationals and governments.

Working with AREOPA means working in the organization of the future, based on the following values:
• We are all entrepreneurs and shareholders;
• We are fully empowered within the Areopa network;
• We are working in a customer driven organization;
• We have no hierarchy, but we believe in leadership;
• We have no fixed costs in our organization;
• We use the Shamrock model for revenue distribution.

We are expanding globally.
Feel free to contact me for more information.
Joris Claeys
VP Global Operations

AREOPA - Provoking Innovatieve Intelligence

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