Before writing this blog, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my nice supervisor, Prof.Eric Tsui. He took me to Intellectual capital world 1 years before, at that time , I am like a white paper. His encouragement and trust opened a new world for me. During the process of study, he always can use rich knowledge and working experience to help me test some unmature ideas, even some ideas are just imagined. In my journey of learning IC,  his patient and support give me great confidence to study on Intellectual Capital. His enthusiasm for research always make my journey full of surprise. Dr. John Dumay is also an excellent teacher who I should express my great gratitude. His "story" style of teaching and research on "story" make my journey of learning IC quite interesting. It is him let me know that research is something that can make me very happy.The "critical thinking" he recommended me took me enter into another sea of research.  Prof Benny Cheung is also very important person in my IC learning journey who I can't forget to say thank you. His rigorous attitude for IC research always make my mind sober. I think you must say "you are so lucky"in the heart, yes, I totally agree with you. :)

Now my story begins.

IC definition:

There is no  consensus on the definition of IC. This famous saying not just exits in the IC . When I was studying on the area of personal knowledge management, I also meet him. I don't hate him who actually sometimes are the barriers in our research work. On the contrary, I like this status very much. Because the definitions that come from different perspectives show the colorful aspects of this world.  

Since I began to learn IC 1 years before, it is my first time to touch the terms of "intellectual capital". From the classic definition "everyone and everything in the organization can create values Stewart (1997)", I am really confused what really IC. Are the chairs, computers ect. IC ? But these how can we link these things to "intellectual"?.

When I began to do my research formally, I need to read some IC reports about the banks in Europe, I found that  knowledge capital and knowledge-based capital are used in the practical world. But what I feel they just change another name. 

In my personal view, . I think IC should be "soul" of a company, a company can be seen as a "creature".  There are many ties that construct the soul, and every ties link together and also link to everyone and everything in the company. If someday, someone leaves, something is broken, the ties can help to recreate missing parts. Above are just my imagination based on my 1 year's research study. 

Recently, an precious opportunity let me discuss the definition with Prof Mary Adams, she use the "intangible assets". Especially, her view that involves in the social interaction and collaboration expands my horizons about IC.

So many papers I read, most of them just focus on how to create values for the organization, but not too much focus on society. 

Do the boss really care if your employee are happy to work for you? Do you ever concern his/her health? 

Do the boss consider that if his/her decision will impair the environment?

Do you try to like your competitors or try to collaborate with them by using your and their strengths?   


Above are just ideas that I hope share with you, very grateful if you can give me some comments. This is my first step of my IC journey, I will try to continue my story in the future based on my own learning experience. Thank you for your reading. 

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