Our training program is now on line!

One of the core offerings of Smarter-Companies is our training for internal and external consultants. In the past, the only way to access the training was by signing up in advance to pursue ICountant certification and licensing. I did all the training personally. That made the training very expensive and less accessible for those just looking to get a start in our field. So in recent months, I’ve worked with partners at e-Bright to create a new, on-line version of our training program. It’s called Building Smarter Companies.

It provides all the information you will need to help an organization optimize how it creates value for its stakeholders—and monetizes that value for its shareholders. The course follows the steps in a process that you can use with your clients to Model, Measure, Manage and drive results that Matter. It includes a strong theoretical background but is built around a series of exercises that you can use with your clients. The methodology takes an integrated, holistic approach that ties together tangibles, intangibles and sustainability.

The program is self-paced so you can set your own schedule. But, of course, I’m connected with the platform and available if you get stuck or have any questions.

Personalized training and certification are still available. But I’m excited to make this important curriculum available 24/7 on the web. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you on line!

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