Program on Intangibles for Public Relations and Investor Relations Professionals

I will be appearing at the Public Relations Society of America meeting in Boston this week:

New Era, New Valuation Shift: Communicating Intangible Assets

6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
ML Strategies LLC, One Financial Center, 38th Floor Conference Room, Boston, MA 02111

Implementing PR and IR Strategies for a New Knowledge-Based Economy

As we emerge from the economic downturn, MarCom budgets are slow to recover; yet we're still charged with moving PR and IR forward for our organizations. At any moment, the economy might flip a switch and we'll be off and running on the next wave of productivity and profitability. Will you be ready for communications in the new economy?

Today's communications professionals and corporate PR/IR staff face an interesting challenge: how do we communicate our company's "intangible assets" --- intellectual capital, corporate culture --- to the market, customers, media and investors? How do we translate that value through PR and IR communications to the marketplace?

Even consumer-based companies are on board. If you aren't doing it already, you should be.

Join us for a discussion on how to incorporate communications that convey the value of our companies' intellectual capital and other intangible assets into our existing communications systems. The goal is to demonstrate real value of the assets inside our organizations.

Find out how to:
  • Set a plan in motion to get corporate mindshare around the concept of valuing intangible assets
  • Become a leader in the charge within your organization to improve communications around IP, knowledge and other intangibles
  • Create a multi-tiered program of communications strategies and tactics to better convey 'the whole' of the company's assets to the marketplace.

You will be armed with an understanding of how to communicate intangibles as the New Economy rises again.

More information and to register

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