Proposal - Intangible Measuring Governance & deriving Governance-deficit - State Government of Tamil Nadu

Dear Mary and Fellow members of ICKC

Working on for the government of Tamil Nadu for a comprehensive valuation of Governance. Every project, every ministry, every local body will be evaluated. You may have a look at the Executive Summary and Table of Contents of my proposal to TN at the link:

What does one do for sustainable values depends on the sustainability of optimal efficiency.


Gross State Domestic Product of Tamil Nadu is estimated Indian Rs.5,81,635 Crores [US$116 billion] spread over an area of 130,058 square kilometres occupied by 7,21,38,958, covering agriculture to nuclear reactors.


How long would it take to evaluate and implement Intangible Value Capital for the State as a whole? That's Intangible beauty of an energy pack!


Your comments are welcome.


Jayaraman Rajah Iyer


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