Putting real value into our innovation efforts

Continuing from my last post "Value Creation comes from understanding where it resides"

Value creation comes from understanding where it resides - See more at: http://www.smarter-companies.com/profiles/blogs/value-creation-come...
I really do feel we all struggle on knowing where to build up our business case arguments to justify new innovation. The best place is where it resides in its value- its value to whom? I feel there are four pillars that need building the validation case and these are discussed below. What do you feel, is this a good starting point?

Where should we start in putting the value into our innovation efforts?

Our innovation value needs to come from our abilities to articulate the business case, an area of notorious weakness for most organizations and its alignment into the strategic direction and goals the organization needs to pursue.

Not a bad place to start is constructing the business case on four value creation pillars, shown here:

The Four Value Creation Pillars Framework To Explore

The Four Value Creation Pillars Framework

Need- We need to always understand the place and value of innovation from the customers perspective. They ‘attribute’ value, we in organizations then set about convincing them it meets their needs. We always need to search for the customer jobs they are looking to be done. This is where the real innovation value resides. Articulating these needs within the organization and delivering innovation to these needs makes for a more sustaining innovation appreciation.

Uniqueness- innovation to be valuable has to be new; it has to improve on the existing. To achieve this we need to value our other ‘uniqueness’ – the internal innovation capital and how knowledge is translated from the initial idea into a commercial offering. We need to build around uniqueness found in our organizations, but you firstly have to know where it is located!

Strategic direction- the imperative for innovation to be ‘seen’ as successful is to align itself to the strategic direction. We need to know this direction, otherwise innovation remains uncertain, often ad hoc and misaligned. It is incumbent on our leaders to align innovation and strategy. There is no better place to begin than using the Executive Innovation Work Mat to make this a comprehensive document to give this strategic guidance and create the conditions for innovation to thrive and get into a sustaining rhythm

Core competencies- we need to know what is needed. Firstly to understand the type of innovation we want to achieve to align to the strategic direction and goals. Again there is no better place to start than work through the “collaborative innovation framework” provided in a open commons platform. Building the core innovation competencies requires building the capacity to innovation, the capabilities and competencies to make successful, sustaining innovation to happen.

Any thoughts?

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