Seeing the hidden value in companies

How's this for making intangibles tangible? This photo shows me sharing the summary graphs from two IC Value Driver Reports that we recently completed:

The photo was taken earlier this week at the Exit Planning Exchange Summit 2011.  The twist was that the legend for the graphs was hidden by a red pattern that could be filtered out with special glasses.

Everyone at XPX advises private companies and their owners on building and realizing value. OK, so I was nervous about trying this out in this very professional group. But it turned out to be a lot of fun!

The glasses were a great way to engage these professionals in conversations about the fact that 80% of the value of the average company is intangible -- but hardly anyone  actually makes the drivers behind this huge value, well, tangible.

Here is one of the handouts we were viewing:

Don't have red glasses? Want to know more? Check out the slides at and click contact us!

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