Blog about China 2009 no. 3
A couple of weeks ago (read Aug. 2009) I asked if Beijing was ready for IC. In short, the answer is:
I am not sure.

Three cons:
1) The conference was called “The first global intellectual capital summit”. Actually, I think there has been a few…
2) It seemed like one of the conference purposes was to promote Prof. Chen Yu’s new economic theory “Consumption Capitalization”. It advocates the use of three capitals in today’s economy: Monetary, Intellectual and Consumption. I don’t know, but there is something fishy here. Judge for yourself.
3) There was an almost deliberate lack of questioning and debate, which made it impossible to grasp whether the audience agreed with the speakers or even understood what was said.

Three pros:
1) The speakers called in for the event were good representatives of the last 20 years of IC evolutionary thinking. Hopefully we have managed to contribute to the Chinese IC agenda.
2) An IC collaboration union (Knowledge Capital International Union) is being established and an its official website is under construction. All speakers have been invited to join. The program points are grand. Let’s see what they make of it.
3) Hong Kong IC authorities were among the speakers. Perhaps they can have an impact and help the Beijing officials stay on the right IC track.

By the way, the Vice Chairman of the 10th standing committee of the National People’s Congress, Mr. Cheng Siwei, caused photography mania at the beginning of the conference. Obviously a guy you should know about. Well, do you?

Check out interview with Siwei at Financial Times.

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