The 2015 Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards

The Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards, will be held at the 16th European Conference on Knowledge Management this year on the 3-4th of September at The University of Udine, Italy.

We invite submissions in the form of a brief case history of a Knowledge Management or Intellectual Capital initiative you have been involved in. The case history will include:

  • Introduction to the nature of the Knowledge Management and/or Intellectual Capital initiative and its specific objectives
  • The infrastructure i.e. people, systems, hardware, software etc. required to launch the initiative
  • The challenges that were encountered, how they developed and how they were overcome
  • How the initiative was received by the users or participants
  • The efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage outcomes that were achieved and how they were measured and evaluated 6. Plans to further develop the initiative.

 Further details and to apply please see:

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