The value of intangibles to overcome the systemic crisis

I inform you that we have finally published the Aiaf (Association of Italian Financial Analyst) white paper about the evaluation of the intangible assets and if is your interest to receive a copy you should send an email at the Aiaf secretary to the following email address .

Intangible assets are underestimated when it comes to the establishment of corporate strategies and there is often a lack of consensus on the definition of standard non-financial indicators by sector to measure them.
In other words, putting the issue of intangible resources among the priorities of CEO/CFOs is hard enough in times of economic prosperity and it is all the more so when a company is in a downsizing and cost cutting phase, when it is reconsidering marketing strategies and outsourcing processes, with banks cutting down on lending.

In spite of the above circumstances, we believe the current systemic crisis is boosting attention - not only in academic environments but particularly on a professional level - on how to use and monetize those intangible assets that are increasingly essential for a company’s corporate value, its profitability, market position, competitive advantages and sustainability in general. Indeed, it has become relevant for managers to:

1. identify the potential intrinsic value of these resources;
2. maintain control of the competitive advantages that can be attributed to intangible resources and the ability to seize their value. This is a top priority to get out of the current systemic crisis.

ABSTRACT Q.145 AIAF 3.2010 - ENG.pdf

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