It’s been awhile since I have written regularly. I’ve been busy on some projects that I’ll be talking about in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a highlight of news and activities:

  • I’ve been developing the most automated, simplest version of our stakeholder feedback platform in collaboration with a team in Europe. There’s a free version that you can try now if you’re interested (just contact me directly). Or watch for a bigger launch soon!
  • I’ve also been working with The Conference Board to develop a prototype for a report on public company sustainable value creation.
  • My new article “Intangibles and Sustainability” published in Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. I’ll be able to share the article later this month.
  • The paper about one of my long-time client’s use of IC measurement was selected as a finalist in first-ever IC/KM case study contest at the European Conference for Knowledge Management.
  • Smarter-Companies partners AKLOE in Chile and iInnovate in South Africa have begun using S-C content in college- and graduate-level courses.
  • And last, but definitely not least, is the evolution in my own thinking about IC. While it’s still an important specialty, I am increasingly using IC concepts in a broader, integrated context consistent with the work being done around the world as part of the Integrated Reporting movement.

What are you up to? I look forward to getting back in touch!

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