Waiting for the next important step in integrated reporting due December 2013

Part two on the momentum within the Integrated Reporting Framework (www.theiirc.org )

The next step of a Consultation Draft of the International <IR> Framework

According the website after a successful three months of engagement and the launching the Consultation Draft of the International Framework at events in 10 of the world’s largest capital markets, extensive consultation has taken place with organizations across the world. From South Korea to Sweden, Italy to Indonesia, and the Netherlands to New Zealand people have evaluated and commenting on the Consultation Draft.

The IIRC are using received submissions to shape the Framework which will be published in December 2013.

We certainly require more integrated thinking for us to all gain this greater sense of identity.

 If we can achieve a means of presenting the material about the organization’s strategy, governance and performance on commercial, social and environmental issues then this is a significant step forward. By the ability to effectively connect these often siloed areas, businesses are able to provide not only an update on past performance but also a long-term perspective of future value generation.

Integrated Reporting is, therefore, potentially moving us to good, or at least, better reporting. It provides and equips companies to manage their operations, brand and reputation strategically and to manage better any risks that may compromise the long-term sustainability of the business.

If this initiative does allow organizations to present their material information about the organization’s strategy, governance and performance on commercial, social and environmental issues in an integrated fashion

 Regaining engagement through in integrated reporting will benefit many.

I think this collaborative work can potentially advance some of the important areas we need, to regain the engagement within communities. Of course this integrated reporting will have far more initial value to the financial markets and direct investors but if we can begin to see a better, cohesive, articulated business story provided by organizations then it can begin to ‘flow through’ in many different ways.

Beyond the financial community, I think we can all gain by understand the specific business models better, we can begin to appreciate the assets that make up value creation far more and these will be far more based around the intellectual capital assets within organizations and we will begin to gain a higher sense of where innovation is contributing within this integrated reporting.

The value for us all is to become engaged in this work

I think this is a body of work that is well worth exploring and keeping engaged with, it may be a good catalyst for changing our thinking and attitudes and partly help us move finally away from antiquated reporting based on the last century and reporting on assets that are extremely limited on what is making up the real worth of one organization over another.

It is certainly about time that reporting within organizations became significantly better to understand where the real value creation is derived.  If the IIRC can offer a better integrated framework for reporting, something that offers a more cohesive reporting structure that is sadly lacking today, thirteen years into a new century, then we can all benefit from this better understanding.

We can then revise our views on the value and appreciation of what makes up the organization for its value creation – past, present and future – and then decide accordingly, if it has real worth or not going forward, from each of our unique stakeholder perspectives.

Can the IC community rally around this?

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