Here’s where the contrast between Accounting and ICounting gets interesting.

Who cares about your Accounting? Your Accountant. Your banker. Your owners/shareholders. They care if you make a profit. And, indirectly, your stakeholders because they need you to remain financially viable.

But with ICounting, all your stakeholders have a vested interest. That’s because ICounting isn’t about how much you profit from your stakeholders. It’s about how much value you create for them.

ICounting is built based on an inventory of intangibles that support a company’s value proposition. That means this inventory includes the knowledge and processes and data and designs and culture—everything the company does every day to create value for its stakeholders including customers, employees, partners and, yes, financial partners.

Of course financial success is the result of a good value proposition and satisfied stakeholders. In fact, it’s hard to understand why the intangibles perspective isn’t paramount in every company. With a social-technology-fueled marketplace, it will become harder and harder to make a profit if you ignore these intangibles. So why not incorporate ICounting into your work? You don’t have to abandon Accounting. It serves a purpose. But it won’t help you work better or make your stakeholders happier. For that, you’ll need ICounting.

Give a try. Start with our open source tools. Hire an ICountant. Become an ICountant. Do something that you can care about.

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