Workplace, real estate, networks and culture…..our exciting new ICountant partnership

Welcome to our newest ICountants Curtis McLeanNat Bulkley and Siobhan Harold Fink, all members of Innovation Places, a new Smarter-Companies licensee.

Innovation Places is an especially interesting group of consultants who found themselves working together inside a large pharma company over the years. The center of focus was managing real estate portfolios. But the intersection between innovation, workplace design, network analysis, performance and culture became a bigger and bigger part of their work.

I always tell people that the one thing that unites our diverse community is the desire to “connect the dots” within organizations. In the ICountant training for this amazing crew last week, we explored some new “dots,” and deepened my understanding of the inter-relationship between tangibles and intangibles.

The crew has some amazing case studies that I’m going to make sure they share. Reach out and welcome them aboard!

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Comment by melanie sutton on September 16, 2014 at 3:04am

Congratulations and welcome to the world of ICounting!

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