Mary Adams - Intangible and Intellectual Capital, ACE Speaker on 4/20/12

"The Landscape has Changed - The Intangible Drivers of Your Business: Understanding how Intangible Capital & Intellectual Capital are driving the Value & Performance of your business"
presented by Mary Adams, co-author of "Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization" on 4/20/12 at the Association for Consulting Expertise monthly meeting.

We are all accustomed to thinking about corporate infrastructure in tangible terms such as buildings and machinery. But the critical infrastructure of business today is mostly intangible, including such varied knowledge resources as business processes, data, human capital, external networks, intellectual property and business models.

This shift is clear in economic and corporate data. Intangible investment already exceeds tangible investment in U.S. corporations. This investment is creating a new kind of infrastructure that is moving American business from the industrial to the knowledge economy. Understandingundefinedand managingundefinedthis infrastructure is critical to an organization’s ability to drive innovation, growth, profits and sustainable shareholder and stakeholder value.

Mary will share her approaches to measuring the 10 key IC value drivers for companies and how to measure, manage and monetize these intangibles. She spoke at ACE a number of years ago. In the interim, she has published a book on intangible capital and has been busy working with businesses in New England and other regions of the U.S. She’ll share her tools as well as stories about how these companies have grown and built lasting value using intangible capital principles.

This presentation is for every businessperson who is tired of having conversations end with the statement, “well, it’s intangible.” Intangibles are real. They can be measured. And they should be managed.

Mary Adams is co-author of Intangible Capital: Putting

Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization ( and a founder of Trek Consulting ( Trek’s consulting clients are intangible-intensive companies in services, technology, healthcare and construction. The firm’s clients are private companies looking to double in value over the period of a few years, often as preparation for an exit and ownership transition.
Mary blogs at and is the founder of the 300+ member on-line community at Prior to co-founding Trek in 1999, Mary worked for 15 years in high-risk finance at Citicorp and Sanwa Business Credit.

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